Ellison Dies

The Ellison Dies are located on the fourth floor of Steely Library. They are FREE to use anytime the library is open. You must supply your own paper.

What Are Ellison Dies?

The Ellison system uses a cutting machine and specially made dies to produce a variety of stencil-like cut outs. The dies come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles and can be used for bulletin boards, signs and displays, scrapbooking, and many other decorative and educational projects.

Steely Library owns three Ellison cutting machines: Two Prestige Pro XL machines and one Prestige SpaceSaver. More information about the Ellison cutting machines is available at the Ellison Education Website.

Each die is made from a genuine birch cutting block and the finest quality, laser-accurate steel rule to perfectly cut many different materials and thicknesses. Steely Library owns numerous dies, including a 4" upper case block alphabet, a 3" lower case block alphabet, and a d'Nealian alphabet. A listing of the many dies available at Steely Library is available here.

Suggest A Die

To suggest additional dies that should be purchased for Steely Library, consult the Ellison listing of dies and forward the ordering information to Jennifer Smith at smithjen@nku.edu.

Online Lesson Plans

Check out Ellison's free lesson plans.  They are a great resource for manipulatives and projects that will help children learn while having fun!

ellison die cutting blocks

Steely Library phone number:  859.572.5457