Library Disability Services

Individuals with disabilities may request special accommodations or services, which are necessary to fully utilize the resources and services of Steely Library.

Who Qualifies

Individuals with disability related needs, requiring special assistance to fully and equally utilize services and resources of Steely Library, qualify for Library Services for Individuals with Disabilities. It is the responsibility of the individual to make these needs known to the library staff prior to services rendered.

Services Provided

  • Assistance in planning a research strategy for a particular information need
  • Assistance in searching databases for books, articles, other documents, etc.
  • Assistance in gathering, printing, scanning, copying, downloading, etc. user-selected materials from Steely Library’s collections
    • It is the responsibility of the individual to provide sufficient bibliographic information to successfully identify the requested materials
    • It is the responsibility of the individual to determine the quality and the appropriateness of the resources before materials are gathered, printed, scanned, copied, downloaded, etc.
    • It is the responsibility of the individual to pay for all standard copy and print related costs
  • Assistance in identifying additional services and resources offered by other libraries or institutions in the region for individuals with disabilities
  • Accommodated information literacy classroom instruction session if the standard presentation is not accessible
  • Equivalent information literacy classroom instruction session if the standard or an accommodated presentation is not accessible
  • Assistance in using any of the LEARN tutorials for library use and information literacy

Certain requests, due to their time-consuming nature, require advance notification. Patrons should request these services one working-day (Monday through Friday) before needed. The ability to fill short notice requests depend upon the nature of the request and available staffing.

Questions & Additional Services

Individuals with disabilities requiring special accommodations or services not covered in this document should contact the R&IS staff through any of the "Ask Steely Library!" services.

Adaptive Hardware & Software

Adaptive equipment (Kurzweil, JAWS, and Optelec) is provided by IT in the 4th floor computer lab.  IT assistance can be reached by calling the University's Information Technology Service Center Help Desk at (859) 572-6911.

For additional information related to assistive equipment provided by Disability Services, see Accommodations.

























Steely Library phone number:  859.572.5457