Where Am I Wearing? (Reference)

The following are recommended reference titles available from Steely Library.  Most of the suggestions are electronic.  These are suggestions only and do not reflect the full range of materials that may be useful to you. For additional assistance, Ask Steely Library!

Credo Reference Collection

This electronic reference collection provides full access to many encyclopedias, dictionaries, and handbooks in various subjects.  The collection also includes access to general encyclopedias, such as Britannica.  Many of the titles highlighted below come from the Credo Reference Collection.

The A to Z of Corporate Social Responsibility

2007.  Compiled by the Institute for Corporate Cultural Affairs, the short entries in this electronic reference book introduce and define terminology related to corporate social responsibility (CSR), examine “ethical investment”, and explore related concepts.  The reference also lists important organizations and landmarks in the field of CSR.

Encyclopedia of Human Rights Issues since 1945

1999. This resources examines human rights progress around the world and documents human rights violations. Country information is provided for Bangladesh, China, and Cambodia, among others.  Each entry concludes with a recommended list for further research.

The Essentials of Global Politics

2006. This resource guides readers through issues related to globalization, war, terrorism, and key individuals and NGOs influencing world politics.  Timelines are also provided to supplement the current picture with historical facts, events, and people.

Globalization: Encyclopedia of Trade, Labor, and Politics

2006.  This encyclopedia covers economic, political, international business, and environmental issues related to globalization.  Sections explore the major industries and economic sectors and highlight international organizations involved with globalization.

Historical Encyclopedia of American Labor

2004.  This A-to-Z resource examines the history of organized labor from the industrial revolution to the post-industrial age.  Entries cover topics related to labor unions, leaders, legislation, and key events.  At the end of each entry, readers will find a bibliography directing them to more sources.  The resource also includes illustrations and primary documents. 

The World of Child Labor: An Historical and Regional Survey

2009. This resource looks at the current and historical state of child labor in each region of the world, including the causes and consequences.  Statistical information is also available.  In-depth country overviews are provided for many countries, including Honduras, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and China.

World Poverty

REF HC79.P6 W6x (print)

2012. This book covers the latest facts and statistics related to world poverty.  It examines the causes of poverty, devoting chapters to poverty in underdeveloped, developing, and developed countries.  Throughout the volume, readers will find charts and graphs providing statistical data.

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