Restavec (Websites)

by Jean-Robert Cadet

Jean-Robert Cadet's book touches on the topics of child slavery and political unrest in Haiti. You may want to read more about these topics! In fact, these issues would be excellent starter ideas for research projects.

Read more about Haiti or child labor:

Restavec Web Resources

NPR Home page
A 2004 feature story from NPR entitled Haiti's Dark Secret: The Restavecs Servitude Crosses the Line Between Chores and Child Slavery. It has a link to the NPR broadcast (approximately 15 minutes) and includes photos of Josiméne, a Haitian restavec. It also features links to other related stories.
Countries of the World Research Guide
In this Steely Library Research Guide, there are resources which provide information about various countries.
UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund)
In UNICEF's Information by Country section, this webpage offers some background information of Haiti as well as some statistical information and UNICEF's current priorities for the country.
A Country Study from the Library of Congress/Haiti
The Library of Congress Country Studies webpage, which offers detailed information about Haiti. By using their drop-down menu of countries, you can locate information on various countries of the world. Note: These are the same as the Country Studies books found in Government Documents.
Library of Congress, Portals to the World/Haiti
Selected Internet sites about Haiti, selected by Library of Congress Subject experts.
This section of USAID's webpage focusing on Haiti offers statistical information, and feature articles about the current situation in Haiti.
"The International Civilian Mission in Haiti was created in February 1993, during the coup d'état, at the request of President Aristide, to observe the human rights situation in Haiti. It is the first joint mission between the United Nations (UN) and a regional organization, the Organization of American States (OAS). The Mission is dedicated to verifying the respect of human rights. After the return to constitutional order in October 1994, the Mission expanded its work to include the promotion of human rights and institution building."
A website dedicated to "Building a more compassionate and human world for the poor in Haiti. Hands Together carries out its mission through projects and programs aimed at improving the quality of life for the very poor primarily in Haiti. These projects rest upon a foundation of Catholic social teaching that recognizes the dignity of every person and the fundamental option for the poor and vulnerable. We embrace, with a special love, those children and families who are completely marginalized and living in squalor."
Doctors without Borders
This website provides activity reports on conditions in Haiti from 2001-2005.

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