Restavec (Books & Media)

by Jean-Robert Cadet

Jean-Robert Cadet's book touches on the topics of child slavery and political unrest in Haiti. You may want to read more about these topics! In fact, these issues would be excellent starter ideas for research projects.

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Reference Books

The Steely Library Reference collection has a number of books dedicated to Haiti and world slavery issues. Highlighted below are a few of these books.

Encyclopedia of World Cultures (Middle America and the Caribbean volume)
(REF GN307 .E53 1991 v.8)This encyclopedia offers brief information regarding the history, economy, culture and family of Haiti.
The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Women's Issues Worldwide (North America and the Caribbean
(REF HQ1115 .G74 2003, v.5) This encyclopedia covers women's social conditions in the areas of education, employment, family, health, politics, and violence. There is a nineteen page section dedicated to Haiti.
Dominican Republic and Haiti: country studies
(GOV DOCS D 101.22:550-36/2001) This set of books gives detailed information on areas such as politics, economy, religion, education, etc.
Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace, and Conflict
(REF HM291 .E625 1999x)
Macmillan Encyclopedia of World Slavery
(REF HT861 .M24 1998)
The Historical Encyclopedia of World Slavery
(REF HT861 .H57 1997)
Encyclopedia of World Poverty
(REF HV12 .E54 2006)
Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood: In History and Society
(REF HQ767.84 .E53 2004)
Encyclopedia of World Cultures
(REF GN307 .E53 1991)

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