13 Women Strong (Articles)

by Bob Wallace

13 Women Strong Articles in Magazines, Journals, and Newspapers

Articles from Scholarly Journals

You might wish to do research in databases to get journal, magazine, or newspaper articles. These are a few highlighted that you might like to use, or you might browse the databases and choose those that fit your specific needs. You might want to try a variety of search terms when doing your research.

Note: All NKU databases can be accessed from home if you are an NKU user, simply type in your NKU username and password.

Online Databases
Academic Search Premier
You can search this database to locate articles relevant to the topic. Simply type your keywords in the search box. For example, one search might be "coaches" and "women’s basketball".
CQ Researcher
Provides reporting and analysis on issues in the news, including health, social trends, criminal justice, international affairs, education, the environment, technology, and the economy. Relevant reports include: Sports and Drugs, Women in Sports, Gender Equity in Sports, and College Sports.
Facts on File: Issues and Controversies
Explores more than 800 hot topics in business, politics, government, education, and popular culture. Relevant reports include: Race in Sports, Teenage Athletes in Professional Sports, Title IX, and Performance Enhancing Substances.
Biography Reference Bank
With links to every article focused on any individual in nearly every WilsonWeb database, Biography Reference Bank covers over 500,000 people and includes over 36,000 images.
Newspaper Source
A possible search in this database is Kentucky and "women’s college basketball." Note: You will want to use the quotation marks when searching for a phrase.
NewsBank NewsFile
A possible search in this database is women and basketball. Newsbank also offers topics arranged by subject (below the search box).

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