ARTstor Tutorial

The following instructions are written for Windows PCs. You may see some slight differences if you are using a Mac.

  1. Connect to ARTstor: on campus or off campus.
  2. If you are off campus, enter your NKU ID and password for the proxy server.
  3. Make sure your browser is set to "always accept pop-ups from this site." That would include as well as
  4. Click on "Search or Browse for Images. Launch >" at the lower right corner.
  5. You are now logged in as a "guest user." This can be verified by looking at the lower left corner.
    (As a guest user you can look at images but you will not be able to download them. For more access you will need to register, login, and download the Offline Image Viewer.)
  6. "Register/Login" is in the upper right. If this is your first time using ARTstor you will need to register. Double click on the register button. You will be asked to enter a valid email address and a password, each twice. You will receive a pop-up confirming your registration. When you click "ok" you will be logged in.
    (Otherwise, if you have previously registered, double click the "login" button and enter your email and password.
  7. You may search for images at this point. When you find an image you wish to save, clicking on the image selects it. Right clicking on an image brings up a list of options including: "save selected images to a new group," "append selected images to existing group," and "append to recently opened group." If you save the image to a new group, you will be prompted to name the group. Name the group and click "save."
  8. You can view the images in your group by clicking on "image groups" on the tool bar along the top. Clicking "back" on the toolbar takes you to the previous screen.
    (To do anything with the images in your group, you will need to download and install the "Offline Image Viewer.")
  9. On the tool bar select "Tools" and then from the drop down menu "Download Offline Image Viewer." Accept the terms; select Mac or Windows version; and save the zipped (compressed) file to your desktop.
    (It is about a 45 MB download which may take a while depending on your ISP. Broadband is recommended.)
  10. Unzip the file and install the program OIV.exe (for Windows). This may differ slightly for Mac.
  11. There should now be an icon called OIV. Double click it. You may get a "Windows Security Alert" warning. The Windows firewall will need to be set to "Unblock" this program.
  12. On the "What would you like to do screen?" select "Create a new presentation from ARTstor images." You will need to enter your email address and your ARTstor password from the registration process above. You can also select from the toolbar "Insert" and then "Image groups from ARTstor" which will still require your email address and password.
    (A pop-up menu will appear. Navigate the folder tree to the image group you created. Once the group is selected, the download button can be selected. The images will be transferred to the Offline Image Viewer where you can build a presentation.)

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