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  • Careers in Focus: Performing Arts
    REF PN 1580 .C36 2006

    "Discusses career possibilities in the performing arts and includes information about the requirements of each job, the necessary preparation, ways to get started, salaries, and the future potential of jobs in this field." (
  • The Grey House Performing Arts Directory
    REF PN 1561 .G74

    "This important directory provides current information for over 8,500 Dance Companies, Orchestras, Opera Companies, Choral Groups, Theater Companies, Performing Arts Series, Performing Arts Facilities, [and] Artist Management Groups. In addition to mailing address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail and web site addresses, dozens of other fields of information include mission statement, key management contacts, facilities, seating capacity, season, attendance and more." (Publisher's web site)
  • The Oxford Companion to American Theatre
    PN 2220 .B6 2004eb
    (electronic book)
    A "guide to the American stage from its beginnings to the present ... the volume includes playwrights, plays, actors, directors, producers, songwriters, famous playhouses, dramatic movements, and much more. The book covers not only classic works (such as Death of a Salesman) but also many commercially successful plays (such as Getting Gertie's Garter), plus entries on foreign figures that have influenced our dramatic development (from Shakespeare to Beckett and Pinter) … and relevant developments and issues including AIDS in American theatre, theatrical producing by Disney, and the rise in solo performance." (
  • The Encyclopedia of the Musical Theatre
    REF ML 102.M88 G3 2001

    "This two-volume set includes nearly 3000 articles on the most productive people and the most produced works throughout most of the world for the last 150 years. Biographical articles are quite complete, some running to two pages and more, and include exhaustive lists of works written or performed. Articles on specific works include plot summaries and information on performers and production places, dates, and details." (
  • International Encyclopedia of Dance
    REF GV 1585 .I586 1998

    A Project of Dance Perspectives Foundation, Inc. "In six volumes, the Encyclopedia offers authoritative coverage of the full spectrum of dance, including theatrical, ritual dance-drama, folk, traditional, ethnic, and social dance. Extensive historical and cultural overviews of many nations appear along with articles on specific dance forms, music and costumes, performances, biographies of dancers and choreographers, and much more. The set features nearly 2,000 alphabetically arranged articles, an exhaustive index, full cross-references, and more than 2,300 illustrations." (Publisher's web site)
  • Routledge Guide to Broadway
    PN 2277.N5 B43 2007eb
    (electronic book)
    Designed to "introduce the student to the Broadway theater, focusing on key performers, writers, directors, plays, and musicals, along with the theaters themselves, key awards, and the folklore of Broadway." (
  • Dictionary of the Theatre: Terms, Concepts, and Analysis
    REF PN 2035 .P2913 1998

    Three volumes. Over 900 A–Z entries with extensive cross references after each entry. "This encyclopedic dictionary includes theoretical, technical, and semiotic terms and concepts. Alphabetical entries range from 'absurd' to 'word scenery' and treat the reader to a vast panoply of theatre and theory. The extended discussions are supported by useful examples drawn from the international repertoire of plays and playwrights, both classic and contemporary." (
  • Modern Dance Terminology
    REF GV 1585 .L65 1997x

    Defines "modern dance concepts, terms, principles and movements in the words of the great founders of modern dance … [and] represents the aims, theories, and objectives of modern dance." (Barnes &
  • The Encyclopedia of World Costume
    REF GT 507 .Y37

    "Covers aspects of dress from ancient times to the present, with information on national and regional costumes; developments in hairstyles, jewelry, and headdress; and the influence of trading patterns or political change on the development of costume." (Muze Inc.)
  • Theatre World
    REF PN 2277 .N5 A17

    "The most complete annual record of American theatre ... the authoritative and pictorial record of the season on Broadway, Off Broadway, and Off-Off Broadway, and for regional companies." Includes info on professional regional productions from across the U.S., listings of all the major theatrical awards, and the longest running shows on and Off Broadway, as well as biographical data, obituaries, and a comprehensive index. (

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