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How to Find books, videos, and other materials in Steely Library.

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For locating specific items, including videos in the Media Collection, using the library's catalog, NKUIRE, is recommended. Keyword, Author, Title, and Subject are among the ways you can search.

For Non-Print Media (videos, DVDs, CDs, slides, etc.), Consider the "Media Searches" tab atop the NKUIRE search page.

WorldCat is the world's most comprehensive bibliography, with more than 49 million bibliographic records representing 400 languages. Covers information from 2100 B.C.E. to the present. Includes holdings information from libraries across the world. Now includes the Library of Congress Subject Headings as its thesaurus. If Steely Library does not own a title, it may be requested through SourceFinder.

Browsing for books in Steely's Reference and Circulating collections can be very useful

For Political Science, the following call numbers are suggested:

  • HV6430-6433 - Terrorism
  • HX821-970.7 - Anarchism
  • J1-981 - General legislative and executive papers
  • JA1-92 - Political science (General)
  • JA85 - Communication in Politics
  • JC11-605 - Political theory; the state; Theories of the state
  • JF20-2112 - Political institutions; public administration
  • JJ1000-1019 - Political institutions; public administration (North America)
  • JK1-9993 - Political institutions; public administration (United States)
  • JL1-3899 - Political institutions; public administration (Latin America, Canada)
  • JN1-9689 - Political institutions; public administration (Europe)
  • JQ21-6651 - Political institutions; public administration (Asia, Africa, Australia, Pacific)
  • JS39-8500 - Local government; Municipal government
  • JV1-9480 - Colonies and colonization; Immigration; International migration
  • JZ5-6530 - International relations
  • K1-7720 - Law, general
  • KF - Law of the United States

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