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  • Public Agenda Online
    General background, public policy and public opinion information on topics such as abortion, crime, education, the environment, the family, gambling, health care, immigration, race, right to die, and others. For each topic the site provides factual information, digests of recent news stories, various points of view, contact people, public policy initiatives, and polling data.
  • Social Explorer
    Presentation of United States social demographic statistics (from the Census) in map format.
  • DocuTicker
    A collection of research reports published by agencies, non-profit advocacy groups, think tanks and other public interest organizations. You can enter keywords describing your topic in the search box on the right side of DocuTicker's homepage and retrieve abstracts of research. Full reports are frequently linked.
    Publishes the results of current polls including Gallup, Harris, Yankelovich, and others.
  • Today's Front Pages
    Newseum offers scans of the front pages of over 80 newspapers. Here you will find the reporting of major events in papers from every state and D.C. as well as from some international papers. You can view the current day's front pages or you can check the archives for article clippings organized around major recent historical events.
  • Big Think
    A collection of blogs, websites, and videos by well-known futurists in all disciplines. Developments and issues of current discussion are presented thoughtfully. A great place to see opinions that are outside the commonplace. Both sources popular by number of times shared and editors' picks are highlighted.
  • Techmeme and ScienceDaily
    Collections of the latest developments and news in science and technology.
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
    Information on a wide variety of topics including adoption, aging, civil rights, child care, Head Start, HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, vaccine safety, and others.
  • Many news media offer portions of their publications on the WWW.  To find any relevant information on your current event, look for a search box when using the following news sites.
  • News Central
    Source for over 3,500 internationalnewspapers, updated every week. Links to United States and world online newspapers, college/university newspapers, wire services, worldwide news sites, weather sites, editorials, commentators and journalists.

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