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Communication & Mass Media Reference Items

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Credo Reference E-books

A complete reference collection from over 50 publishers, powered by a network of cross-references that cut across topics, titles and publishers to provide answers - and new connections - in context.
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  • Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media
    Identifies specific print and broadcast sources of news and advertising for trade, business, labor, and professionals. Arrangement is geographic with a thumbnail description of each local market. Indexes are classified (by format and subject matter) and alphabetical (by name and keyword).
  • Dictionary of Media and Communication Studies
    Location: REF P 87.5 .W38 2006
    "The Watson and Hill Dictionary has long been a classic of its kind, a 'must' for university and college booklists and both students and teachers of communication ...responds to a vital need of all citizens in the 21st century to be media literate by developing a better understanding of the contexts in which interpersonal, group, national, and international communication takes place." (
  • Encyclopedia of Communication and Information
    Location: REF P 87.5 .E53 2002
    "The 280 signed articles in the set, … were written primarily by U.S. academics, along with a few contributions from industry and international sources. Entries cover eight general topics: careers in the communication and information fields, information science, information technologies, literacy, institutional studies, interpersonal communication, library science, and media effects. Students will find that the articles provide a good overview of each topic and that most have a bibliography." (
  • Encyclopedia of Multimedia Technology and Networking
    Location: TK 5105.15 E53 2005eb (electronic book)
    "Provides in-depth coverage of the most important concepts, issues, trends and technologies in the multimedia discipline. This encyclopedia is a valuable collection of articles that presents perspectives from over 220 researchers from 32 countries, providing a thorough explanation of emerging multimedia technologies and applications." (
  • Encyclopedia of Virtual Communities and Technologies
    Location: TK 5105.83 .E52 2006eb (electronic book)
    Location: REF TK 5105.83 .E52 2006 (print version)
    "A compendium of over 830 terms and more than 2,250 references to published works on virtual communities are also included. This encyclopedia also offers coverage of upcoming and emerging technologies for virtual communities, human computer interfaces, new networking, mobile computing, Web services, and synchronous and asynchronous environments." (
  • Encyclopedia of Semiotics
    Location: REF P 99 .E64 1998
    "A comprehensive, well-written, and understandable reference work that allows a wide variety of students and scholars to access current semiotic theory and research. Each signed entry is well documented and contains bibliographic entries for further inquiry. Excellent coverage of well-known and lesser-known theorists, including Barthes, Eco, Bogatyrev, and Levi-Strauss; subject entries as diverse as "Cartoons," "Cartology," "Stereotype," and Paul Ekman and Wallace V. Friesen's "Facial Action Coding" system; and an extensive index." (
  • Careers in Communications
    Location: P 91.6 .N67 2005eb (electronic book)
    "Provides comprehensive information concerning the fields of journalism, photography, film, radio and audio, multimedia, television and video, advertising, and public relations. Along with the insightful information, the reader will find concrete advice from people with extensive experience in their respective fields. Appendixes include lists of professional associations and societies and of periodicals and directories." (
  • Opportunities in Television and Video Careers
    Location: PN 1992.55 .N67 2003eb (electronic book)
    "More than 100 'opportunities' for students and job seekers! The most comprehensive career book series available. . .covers a range of professions, from acting to writing, and encompasses traditional as well as cutting-edge careers … offers job seekers essential information about a variety of careers within each field and includes training and education requirements, salary statistics, and professional and Internet resources." (
  • Encyclopedia of Political Communication
    Location: REF JA 85 .E64 2008
    "[D]iscusses the major theoretical approaches to the field, including direct and limited effects theories, agenda-setting theories, sociological theories, framing and priming theories, and other past and present conceptualizations. With nearly 600 entries, this resource pays considerable attention to important political messages such as political speeches, televised political advertising, political posters and print advertising, televised political debates, and Internet sites."

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