Library Resources for General Education Faculty

This page contains recommended instructional resources and services for faculty to consider when designing and teaching a general education course.

Library Instruction exposes students to information literacy skills, such as finding, evaluating, and using information.  Instruction options are available for on campus and online classes.  In addition, online information literacy series are designed for several courses.

Suggested Tutorials

The following tutorials are suggested resources to help students master learning outcomes as outlined in the Foundation of Knowledge Student Learning Outcomes.  Tutorials are designed to guide students through a task or teach a concept.  Some of the tutorials are in video format, others are text.  Feel free to link to any of these in your course.

W. Frank Steely Library Tutorial Student Learning Outcomes Rubric Connections
Find Articles in Steely Databases
A – Critical Thinking
Scholarly Journals and Research Articles A – Critical Thinking
D – Science and Technology
Primary and Secondary Sources A – Critical Thinking
Evaluating Sources
A – Critical Thinking
Understanding Different Types of Sources
A – Critical Thinking
Plagiarism A – Critical Thinking
E – Personal Responsibility and Community
Style Guides A – Critical Thinking
E – Personal Responsibility and Community
Choosing a Research Topic C – Communication
Researching for a Specific Audience (Argumentative Paper or Speech) C – Communication
Engaging in a Scholarly "Conversation" with Research Material C – Communication

You can view a full list of tutorials at the library’s website. If you see the need for a tutorial in a particular area or for a specific assignment, please let the library know at


Steely Library phone number:  859.572.5457