Upper Level/Discipline Specific Curriculum (300 and above)

Steely Librarians will work collaboratively with faculty to design advanced information literacy instruction classes, customized to the specific assignment of each class and including resources specific to that discipline.

Upper Level undergraduate library instruction can include how to:

  • Distinguish the appropriate resource for individual information need (article, newspaper, book, website, government document)
  • Understand the cycles of information distribution and how the content of the information is changed by each channel of communication.
  • Understand the impact of intended audience on the depth of detail, amount of persuasive content, and presentation style of information communicated.
  • Locate appropriate resources in specific subject area (print, databases/journal, web resources)
  • Use an index (print or electronic) to locate articles
  • Develop search strategies using advanced techniques (nesting, truncation, Boolean, etc.)
  • Conduct a refined search (broadening/ narrowing)
  • Distinguish between benefits of Keyword vs. Controlled searches
  • Understand that research is a thinking and analyzing process, rather than a reporting process
  • Identify the chronological development and the current state of the research in a specific field
  • Communicate overview of an issue by synthesizing multiple information sources
  • Evaluate information critically
  • Identify resources not held by Steely Library and determine the most efficient way of retrieving them
  • Locate citation style formats appropriate to their discipline
  • Discuss issues related to privacy in the electronic environment
  • Discuss issues related to free vs. fee-based access to information
  • Discuss issues related to freedom of speech
  • Utilize citation software features to organize bibliographic research
  • Learn about additional help via the Ask Steely Library Services

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