UNV 101: Information Literacy Series

University 101 students will be able to:

  1. Describe a situation where information choices impacted their personal or academic life
  2. Identify three research tools available through the library’s website
  3. Navigate the physical library to locate a book, a resource collection, or a research service
  4. Identify two characteristics of an academic library
  5. Explain how to get research assistance at the library

*Note to UNV101 faculty: A QR code quest is set up in the library for your students.  Please consult the instructor Blackboard site for directions.  It is recommended students watch these online videos prior to the QR code quest.

UNV 101 Students: Start Here!

This video outlines the tutorials in this series and introduces new students to the concept of information literacy.  The video also highlights the research help services available at W. Frank Steely Library. (3:01)

Types of Libraries

This brief prezi presentation looks at the similarities and differences between school, public, and academic libraries.  If you prefer, connect to a text version of this tutorial.


Take a Tour!

This video shows the physical layout of the Steely Library building and will help you locate specific collections and services available in the building. (2:16)

Accessing Online Library Resources

Learn about four research resources available at Steely Library’s website: NKUIRE, tutorials, research guides, and article searching.  You will learn how to search for an article specifically for your career/major project. Connect directly to the Book Connection Research Guide or the Career Research Guide. (3:55)


Learn about the library’s interlibrary loan program.  Make sure to set up an account after viewing the video.  (:40)


Finished?  Take the assessment now! After successfully completing the assessment, a confirmation screen is available to print as proof of completion. 

Steely Library phone number:  859.572.5457