ENG 101: Information Literacy Series

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Know how to get research assistance at the library
  2. Locate resources using a library database
  3. Use a library catalog to locate a book in the library (print or electronic)
  4. Identifying different types of sources and their uses and determining a source’s target audience
  5. Identifying advantages and limitations to searching the Web
  6. Selecting and refining a topic and identifying keywords to broaden and/or narrow a topic
  7. Citing sources correctly /Identifying and avoiding plagiarism


ENG 101 Students: Start Here!

A quick introduction to the information literacy series for ENG 101 (0:54)

Getting research assistance at the library

This tutorial will outline the ways to get help from Steely Library (1:05)

Locating resources using a library database

The following tutorials will explain what a database is, the basic features found in databases, how to use a database to locate articles, and specific databases recommended for English 101 research at NKU.

        What Are Databases and Why you Need Them (2:34)

       Using a Database (2:53)      

Find Articles for Your Topic (1:17)

Suggested Steely Library Databases for English 101 assignments (6:19)

Using a library catalog to locate a book in the library (print or electronic)

The first tutorial will outline features of your NKUIRE account and the second one will demonstrate locating a book, ebook, or media item using NKUIRE

        NKUIRE Catalog (account info) (~2:00)


        Searching in NKUIRE and Locating Items (3:55)

Selecting and Understanding Types of Sources

This webpage will demonstrate the value, limitations, and audiences for different types of resources. Make sure you click on all tabs. http://library.nku.edu/researchhelp/tutorials/evaluatinginformation/understandingsources.html

Identifying advantages and limitations to searching the Web

These next two tutorials will discuss the advantages and limitations of searching the web and will offer strategies for college level research using Google.

        Google Limitations (3:53)

        Why Can’t I Just Google? (3:13)

How to find a Research Topic (2:52)


Subject Headings vs. Keyword Searching (1:56)

Citing Sources correctly and Identifying and avoiding plagiarism

Tutorial 1, 2, and 3 from Rutgers University will cover the importance of citation and avoiding plagiarism in a unique way. Watch all 3 parts and make sure you take the quiz at the end! (Note: this is not a graded quiz, just a way to test yourself)



Final Series Tutorial

Almost done!  This is the final tutorial in the ENG 101 series


Finished?  Take the Assessment now! After successfully completing the assessment, a confirmation screen is available to print as proof of completion.

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