CMST 101: Information Literacy Series

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify at least two resources beyond the Web for research in CMST 101
  2. Identify appropriate web sources to locate relevant statistics
  3. Search resources using relevant keywords and search filters
  4. Select relevant, authoritative, and timely information to support speech content
  5. Explain how information is used as support material in persuasive/informative speeches
  6. Avoid plagiarism by ethically incorporating images and ideas into speeches

CMST 101 Students: Start Here!

Research Resources for CMST 101

This video highlights two research resources available through Steely Library and effective methods for searching these resources.

Locating Statistics to Support Speeches

This video explains how statistics can bolster an informative/persuasive speech and shares tips to locate credible information.

Evaluating Information

This videos asks, “What would W. FRANK Steely do?” and provides a foundational set of criteria to evaluate information sources.

Pictures and Plagiarism

This video discusses the why, what, and how of citations and plagiarism in public speaking.  For examples of APA format, consult: Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Additional Resources

Ask Steely Library

The Day You Were Born Tutorial

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