Add Library Resources to Your Course

Research Bundles

A research bundle is an easy way for instructors to add library resources to an online course. Each bundle contains links to relevant databases, research guides, and library tutorials. The bundles provide links to information about plagiarism and guides for proper citations.  

Rather than adding links and resources one by one to your course, a bundle allows faculty to import an entire content area of library resources into a course all at once.

screenshot of bundle in Blackboard

Available Research Bundles

If you see your discipline/course below, select the link to download the .zip file and import the bundle into your course.  See below for step-by-step directions.  If your discipline is not listed, consider using the Basic Bundle for general resources.

Every semester, librarians will update the bundles to ensure the most up-to-date links and resources are available in the bundles (this includes new tutorials and databases). Therefore, you should upload a new bundle every semester.

How to Add a Research Bundle to your Blackboard Course

1. Click on the bundle above you would like to add to your course. Save the .zip file to your desktop.

2.  Log into Blackboard and select the course where you'd like to download the bundle.

3.  In your course, scroll down to the Control Panel.

  • Click on "Packages and Utilitie
  • Click on "Import Package/View Logs."
a screen shot of the Bloackboard screen showing the packages and utilities link

4.  The "Import Package/View Logs" screen will appear.

  • Click on "Import Package"

5.  On the next screen:

  • Find the .zip file you downloaded in step one.
  • Check the "Content Areas" box.
  • Click Submit.

6.  Wait a few minutes and a link labeled "Library Resources" will appear in your course menu.

Note: If the link doesn’t appear, try refreshing your course menu. It may take several minutes.

If you have difficulties adding a Research Bundle to your course, please contact

Steely Library phone number:  859.572.5457