Kentucky Authors and Illustrators: Their Books

Included in this list are children's and young adult authors and illustrators from Kentucky. The titles with their call numbers for the books owned by Steely Library are provided.

Allen, Nancy Kelly

Bradby, Marie

Momma, Where Are You From?

Y PZ7.B7175 Mn 2000

More Than Anything Else

Y PZ7.B7175 Mo 1995

Some Friend

Y PZ7.B7175 So 2004

Brown, Devin

Burton, K. Melissa

Kentucky's Boone: The Pioneer Spirit

Y F454 .B87 2008

Now That's Interesting: Kentucky's Capitol

Y F459.F8 B92 2007

Caudill, Rebecca

A Certain Small Shepherd

Y PZ7.C274

CeContrary Jenkins

Y PZ7.C274

CoA Pocketful of Cricket

Y PZ7.C274

PoSusan Cornish

Y PZ7.C274

SuTree of Freedom

Y PZ7.C274 Tr 1988x

Chapman-Crane, Jeff

Ragsale (illustrator)

Y PZ7.B29445 Rag 1995

Cooper, Michael L.

Remembering Manzanar: Life in a Japanese Relocation Camp

Y D769.8.A6 C67 2002

Slave Spirituals and the Jubilee Singers

Y ML3556 .C67 2001

Coventry, Susan

Damrell, Liz

Davis, Jenny

Checking on the Moon

Y PZ7.D2923 Ch 1991

Good-bye and Keep Cold

Y PZ7.D2923 Go 1987

Sex Education

Y PZ7.D2923 Se 1988

Florence, Leigh Anne

Gondosch, Linda

Camp Kickapoo

Y PZ7.G587 Cam 1993

The Monsters of Marble Avenue

Y PZ7.G587 Mo 1988

Who Needs a Bratty Brother?

Y PZ7.G587 Wh 1985

Hay, JohnMama, Were You Ever Young?

Y BF710 .H39 1989x

Henson, Heather

Angel Coming

Y PZ7.H39863 Ang 2005

Dream of Night

Y PZ7.H39863 Dr 2010

Grumpy Grandpa

Y PZ7.H39863 Gru 2009

Here's How I See It: Here's How It Is

Y PZ7.H39863 Her 2009

That Book Woman

Y PZ7.H39863 Th 2008

Hoffert, Joe

Hoffman, Jan Samuel

Johnson, Paul Brett

An Appalachian Mother Goose

Y PZ8.3.S858 Ap 1998

Bearhide and Crow

Y PZ7.J6354 Be 2000

The Cow Who Wouldn't Come Down

Y PZ7.J6354 Co 1993

Farmers' Market

Y PZ7.J6354 Fa 1997x

Fearless Jack

Y PZ8.1.J635 Fe 2001

The Goose Who Went Off in a Huff

Y PZ7.J6354 Go 2001

Insects Are My Life (illustrator)

Y PZ7.M478419 In 1995

Jack Outwits the Giants

Y PZ8.1.J635 Jac 2002


Y PZ7.J6354 Lo 1996x

Mr. Persnickety and Cat Lady

Y PZ7.J6354 Mi 2000

Old Dry Frye: A Deliciously Funny Tall Tale

Y PZ8.1.J635 O1 2001x

On Top of Spaghetti

Y PZ7.J6354 Onat 2006

The Pig Who Ran a Red Light

Y PZ7.J6354 Pi 1999

A Traveling Cat (illustrator)

Y PZ10.3.L9875 Tr 1998

b>Jones, Marcia Thornton

Lester, J.D.

Lyon, George Ella

A B Cedar: An Alphabet of Trees

Y QK477.2.I4 L96 1989

Ada's Pal

Y PZ10.3.L9875 Ad 1996

All the Water in the World

Y GB848 .L96 2011


Y PZ7.L9954 Bas 1990


Y PS3562.Y4454 B66 1999

Borrowed Children

Y PZ7.L9954 Bo 1988

Cecil's Story

Y PZ7.L9954 Ce 1991

Choices: Stories for Adult New Readers

Y PS3562.Y4454 C47 1989

Come a Tide

Y PZ7.L9954 Co 1990

Counting on the Woods: A Poem

Y QA113 .L97 1998

A Day at Damp Camp

Y PZ8.3.L9893 Day 1996


Y PZ7.L9954 Dr 1993

Five Live Bongos

Y PZ7.L9954 Fi 1994

Here and Then

Y PZ7.L9954 He 1994

A Kentucky Christmas (editor)

Y PS558.K4 K36 2003

Mama is a Miner

Y PZ8.3.L9893 Mam 1994

My Friend, the Starfinder

Y PZ7.L9954 My 2008

One Lucky Girl

Y PZ7.L9954 On 2000

The Outside Inn

Y PZ8.3.L9893 Ou 1991

The Pirate of Kindergarten

Y PZ7.L9954 Pi 2010

Red Rover, Red Rover

Y PZ7.L9954 Rd 1989

A Regular Rolling Noah

Y PZ7.L9954 Re 1991

A Sign

Y PS3562.Y4454 Z467 1998

Sonny's House of Spies

Y PZ7.L9954 So 2004

The Stranger I Left Behind

Y PZ7.L9954 St 1997


Y PS3562.Y4454 T64 1989

A Traveling Cat

Y PZ10.3.L9875 Tr 1998

Trucks Roll!

Y PZ8.3.L9893 Tru 2007

Which Side Are You On?: The Story of a Song

Y ML3930.R323 L96 2011

Who Came Down that Road?

Y PZ7.L9954 Wh 1992

A Wordful Child

Y PS3562.Y4454 Z469 1996

Lyon, Steve

Mason, Bobbie Ann

Mitchell, Marie

Oughton, Jerrie

How the Stars Fell into the Sky: A Navajo Legend

Y E99.N3 O88 1992

The Magic Weaver of Rugs: A Tale of the Navajo

Y E99.N3 O89 1994

Music From a Place Called Half Moon

Y PZ7.O897 Mu 1995

Perfect Family

Y PZ7.O897 Pe 2000

The War in Georgia

Y PZ7.O897 War 1997

Olson, Ann W.

Counting on the Woods: A Poem (photographer)

Y QA113 .L97 1998

Page, Ken

Shoes Like Miss Alice's (illustrator)

Y PZ7.J629 Sh 1995x

Payne, C.C.

Philipson, Sandra

Prewitt, Joyce

Seymour, Tres

Black Sky River

Y PZ7.S5253 Bl 1996

The Gulls of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Y PZ7.S5253 Gu 1996

Hunting the White Cow

Y PZ7.S5253 Hu 1993

Life in the Desert

Y PZ7.S5253 Li 1992

Shannon, George

April Showers

Y PZ7.S5287 Ap 1995

Bean Boy

Y PZ7.S5287 Be 1984

Busy in the Garden

Y PS3569.H335 B87 2006

Climbing Kansas Mountains

Y PZ7.S5287 Cl 1993

Dance Away

Y PZ7.S5287

The Gang and Mrs. Higgins

Y PZ7.S5287 Gan

Lizard's Song

Y PZ7.S5287 Li

More Stories to Solve: Fifteen Folktales from Around the World

Y PZ8.1.S49 Mo 1991

The Piney Woods Peddler
Y PZ7.S5287 Pi

Stories to Solve: Folktales from Around the World

Y PZ8.1.S49 St 1985

Tippy-Toe Chick, Go!

Y PZ7.S5288 Ti 2003

Tomorrow's Alphabet

Y PE1155 .S5 1996x

Unlived Affections

Y PZ7.S5288 Un 1989

White is for Blueberry

Y PZ7.S5288 Wh 2005

Shelby, Anne


Y PZ7.S54125 Po 1994x

Sheldon, David

Stiles, Martha Bennett

Sarah, the Dragon Lady

Y PZ7.S8557 Sar 1986

The Star in the Forest: A Mystery of the Dark Ages

Y PZ7.S8557 Ss

Still, James

An Appalachian Mother Goose

Y PZ8.3.S858 Ap 1998

Jack and the Wonder Beans

Y PZ8.S65 Jac 1996

Rusties and Riddles & Gee-Haw Whimmy-Diddles

Y PN6371 .S72 1989

Way Down Yonder on Troublesome Creek; Appalachian Riddles & Rusties

Y PN6371 .S73

Stuart, Jesse

The Beatinest Boy

Y PZ7.S937

BeRed Mule

Y PZ7.S937

ReTrollinger, Patsi B. Turney, Rebecca Mitchell Witter, BretYoung, Rebecca North

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