Acquisition Policies

Contact Information

Please contact Donna Smith or Erin Smith at any time with questions or problems. Donna's phone number is 859-572-6140 and her email address is Erin’s phone number is 859-572-6365 and her email address is We value your input and together we can make the best use of the library's resources and build a collection that fulfills the needs of you and your students.

Ordering Monographs

The Acquisitions Department of Steely Library would like to provide you with the most efficient service possible. The following guidelines will assist us in expediting your order request.

  1. Submit an individual Collection Materials Request form for each item.
  2. Provide the most complete information possible, especially publisher, edition and date. Please use abbreviations sparingly. You may send any literature offering the item for sale to the Acquisitions Department via campus mail.
  3. Please indicate the format that you are requesting. Any additional information about the item may be entered in the comments field.
  4. Include your complete name, your email address and your department on the online form.
  5. Depending on your department's guidelines, you may need to submit your orders through your department's contact.
  6. We recommend that the major portion of your allocation be expended by December. The final deadline for faculty requests for the academic year is February 15.
  7. To see if your order has been received and processed for the collection, please check NKUIRE.

Ordering Serials

Please use SourceFinder to request articles from journals that the library does not own.

The library’s Collection Management Committee makes a recommendation regarding each new subscription. The number of recent SourceFinder requests for a serial will be reviewed before adding a new subscription.

Steely Library phone number:  859.572.5457