Social Justice Home & Abroad: Social Justice Creativity Competition 2010

1. Sanctuary

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Ashley Waldmann

Reduction Linocut

My original concept for this piece related architecture and nature. I knew I definitely wanted to have trees in the piece, so that was my starting point. While looking around, I came across this image and I was instantly drawn to it. It was different and almost surreal. All of the other trees I found were in the ground, but this one was free. Nothing was holding it down. I like the concept of being free because it seems that not a lot of people have the feeling they are not. Between work, school and life in general, I really appreciate looking at an image that makes me feel free.

I also get the feeling of being safe. There is so much destruction to trees going on and this particular tree has found independence. Nobody can lay a hand on it because it’s untouched from the problems on land. Trees are an important part of life because they facilitate our survival. By cutting down thousands of trees for human kind’s personal gain shows that people seem to have forgotten how much trees mean to all life on Earth. People often use nature as a place to escape and relax. Camping, fishing, and hiking would not be the same if it weren’t for all of the trees around.

This piece is a reduction linocut from one piece of linoleum. The way I got the colors was by cutting out the lightest color and printing what was left. Then I’d cut out the next lightest color, and so on. I wanted to add something to the image, so I created radiating lines coming from the tree to look like the sun was shining from behind it.





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