Free Print Allowance for Students

Steely Library participates in the campus-wide printing system.  Each semester students are granted a credit for printing:

  • Full-time students:  $12 credit
  • Part-time students:  $6 credit
  • Winter term students:  $2 credit

If you need to print beyond your free printing allowance, add money to your All Card to continue enjoying printing options in the library and on campus.

You can check your account balance at any time at NKU Pay for Print:  Account Balance.

Process of Charging for Prints

When you print from a computer in the library, you will enter your NKU username and password.  Before printing, you will receive a notification letting you know the amount you will be charged and the balance on your printing allowance or All Card.

The cost of an 8 1/2" X 11" print is shown below:

  • Black and White prints - 8 cents per page
  • Color prints - 50 cents per page

Location of Printers

There are printers located on the 1st, 3rd, and 4th floors of Steely Library as well as the Loggia/Lobby.  Choose from the list below to print to the most convenient printer to your location:

1st Floor:

  • SL100_1Q on Pharosserv2 - Black and White

3rd Floor:

  • SL300_BW_8Q on Pharosserv2 - Black and White
  • SL300_Color_8Q on Pharosserv2 - Color

4th Floor: 

  • SL400_1Q on Pharosserv2 - Black and White
  • SL400_1Q_Color on Pharosserv2 - Color


  • SL302_Loggia on Pharosserv2 - Black and White

Cash Printing Options

All library patrons, with or without an NKU All Card, have the option to pay for their print jobs in cash.  If you choose to pay in cash, your print jobs will be sent to a printer behind the third floor Public Service Desk, where you can pick them up and pay for them at that time.  When you choose this option, the print system will require you to type in a name to identify the print job.

The cash printing options are shown below:

  • SL301_2Q on Pharosserv2 - Black and White - 10 cents per page
  • SL301_3Q on Pharosserv2 - Color - 75 cents per page.

Print from Anywhere and Any Device with Norse Print

Northern Kentucky University also offers a "Norse Print" solution for students who wish to print to university printers from their own devices, on or off campus.  Two Norse Print stations are location in Steely Library in the 1st Floor IT Lab and the 4th Floor IT Lab.  For detailed instructions, visit the Norse Print site. 


Steely Library phone number:  859.572.5457