Restavec (Articles)

by Jean-Robert Cadet

Jean-Robert Cadet's book touches on the topics of child slavery and political unrest in Haiti. You may want to read more about these topics! In fact, these issues would be excellent starter ideas for research projects.

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Restavec Articles in Magazines, Journals, and Newspapers

Electronic Databases

You might wish to do research in databases to get journal, magazine or newspaper articles. These are a few highlighted that you might like to use, or you might browse the databases and choose those that fit your specific needs. You might want to try a variety of search terms when doing your research. Ideas: You might want to use general terms like Haiti or restavec or narrow your terms based on your research needs. You might try "child labor", or phrases such as "child slavery" or "human trafficking".

Librarians are available to assist with finding search terms if you need extra help.

Articles from Popular and News Publications
CQ Researcher
This database has several topics that might be pertinent to your research. The following topics are available: "Human Trafficking and Slavery", "Child Labor and Sweatshops", "Children in Crisis", and "Haiti's Dilemma". You may also find other helpful topics by doing a search or perusing the index.
Facts on File: Issues and Controversies
This database has several issues that might be pertinent to this topic. Search for the following: "Haitian Asylum Policy", "Human Trafficking", and "Sweatshops". Note: You must go through the Steely databases to use this database. It is not available simply by typing into your browser.
Academic Search Premier
Use this index to find periodical articles from popular, consumer-oriented magazines and journals in many fields. A search for Haiti AND restavec, Haiti AND "child slavery", Haiti and restavek, Haiti and slavery, or Haiti and "child labor" will yield some results in this database. Also try other searches that are pertinent to your research.

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