Lost Mountain (Websites)

by Erik Reece

Erik Reece's book addresses the topic of mountaintop removal in Kentucky. You may want to read more about this and other related topics.

Read more about mountaintop removal, coal mining, environmental issues, or Appalachia:

Lost Mountain Web Resources

About Erik Reece
Erik Reece on TreeHugger.com
University of Kentucky News
February 2006 press release about Erik Reece from University of Kentucky
Mountaintop Removal Sites
Learn more about mountaintop removal in the Appalachian mountains and how you can get involved.
Mountaintop Mining
Coal companies' explanation of mountaintop mining.
Coal River Mountain Watch
Coal River Mountain Watch, to stop destruction of communities and environment by mountaintop removal.
Stop Mountaintop Removal
Dedicated to stop mountaintop removal in Appalachia.
7 local, state, and regional organizations in Appalachia working together to end mountaintop removal.
Sierra Club
Sierra Club, Mountaintop Removal links within various SC chapters.
National Geographic.com
Article about mountaintop removal in National Geographic.
U.S. Department of the Interior, Office of Surface Mining
Mountaintop mining information reports and news releases.
Environmental Protection Agency
EIS, Environmental Impact Statement, from Office of Surface Mining (EPA).
National Geographic.com
An article on mountaintop removal entitled "When Mountains Move".
Kentuckians For The Commonwealth website
KFTC members were prominently featured on "Exploding Heritage," a special radio documentary on mountaintop removal coal mining produced by Bob Edwards and XM Satellite Radio. Here are some of their comments.”
Coal Mining Sites
coaleducation.org website
Kentucky Coal Association website, includes a timeline of Kentucky coal.
Portal 31
This website is dedicated to Kentucky's first Exhibition Coal Mine.
Environmental Sites
Friends of the Earth
Friends of the Earth, to defend the environment.
Earth Justice.org
Non-profit, public interest law firm that defends the environment.
Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition
Grassroots organization committed to improving and preserving the environment.
Kentuckians for the Commonwealth website
Working for a better quality of life in KY, taking action for justice.
Campus Climate Challenge
Campus Climate Challenge, working for 100% clean energy policies at schools in US and Canada.
Sierra Club Go Green Checklist
Sierra Club, Checklist to "Go Green" at home.
Work with grassroots citizen campaigns with environmental and economic issues that affect communities.
Environmental blog/site for all sorts of info re: environment with a sense of humor, this link is for an article that Erik Reece contributed to the site.
Governmental and other related Sites
Department of Energy
Department of Energy.
Office of Surface Mining
Office of Surface Mining.
Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental Protection Agency.
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Department of the Interior
Department of the Interior.
Kentucky State Government
Kentucky State Government Web site.
KY Environmental Quality Commission
"Since 1972, the Kentucky Environmental Quality Commission, a seven-member citizen advisory board, has worked to strengthen the public role in solving environmental problems in our communities and the state.
Ky Mine Mapping Information System
"This web site was developed by a collaboration of Commonwealth and Federal agencies to provide online access to maps showing locations of coal mines in Kentucky."
A governmental website where you can locate government statistics and codes.
University of Kentucky, Kentucky Atlas
This site offers a chart which includes the area, density and population and other details for all of Ky's 120 counties
NKU Sites
NKU Book Connection
The Home Page for NKU's Book Connection.
ECOS NKU student organization homepage
ECOS is Environmentally Concerned Organization of Students at NKU.
MySpace address for ECOS
ECOS is Environmentally Concerned Organization of Students at NKU
NKU Center for Environmental Education
College of Education and Human Service's Center for Environmental Education at Northern Kentucky University.

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