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Statistics Reference Items

The following are recommended Reference titles available from Steely Library

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Credo Reference E-books

A complete reference collection from over 50 publishers, powered by a network of cross-references that cut across topics, titles and publishers to provide answers - and new connections - in context.
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  • Statistics Sources
    REF HA36 .S73

    This 4-volume guide helps users find statistical sources covering industrial, business, social, education, financial and other topics in the U.S. and internationally.
  • Statistical Yearbook
    REF HA12.5 .U63

    This United Nations publication provides worldwide statistics covering economic activity, international economic relations, population and social statistics.
  • Demographic Yearbook
    REF HA17 .D45

    This United Nations publication provides worldwide demographic information, including population, births, deaths, marriage and divorce statistics.
  • Information Plus
    3rd floor Reference. Go to NKUIRE and type "Information Plus" into the Keyword search box. To the right of the search box, select the option to search "as a phrase".
    This series of reference books covers various current issues and topics. Topics include world poverty, child abuse, health and wellness, gun control, etc. Each book includes statistical information on the topic.
  • International Historical Statistics
    Each volume presents population and vital statistics, labor force information, agriculture, industry, trade, finances, education and communication data.
  • Government Finance Statistics Yearbook
    REF HJ101 .G68

    This source, published by the International Monetary Fund, provides detailed data on revenue, expenses and asset and liability information for countries worldwide. The data is presented in world and country tables.
  • Handbook of U.S. Labor Statistics
    REF HD8051 .H36

    This handbook provides statistical information concerning employment, earnings, productivity and other labor data. Steely has the most recent edition (2008) in print. However, the 2006 version can be viewed online by clicking REF HD8064 .H38 2006eb.
  • Business Statistics of the United States
    REF HC101 .A13122

    This reference source highlights statistics in the business field. It displays stats relating to the U.S. economy, provides industry profiles, and displays key sector statistics and historical data. The last section of this source provides regional and state data. Steely has the 2008 edition in print. The 2006 version can be viewed online by clicking REF HC101 .A13122 2006eb.
  • Best Customers
    REF HC79.C6 B45 2006x

    This source provides demographic information for consumer demand. It studies the spending patterns of consumers on hundreds of individual products and services.
  • State Profiles: The Population and Economy of each U.S. State
    REF HA203 .S734

    This reference source uses tables, charts and graphs to display statistical characteristics of each U.S. state. The 2002 edition of the book is available online. Click REF HA214 .S73 2002eb to view the 2002 statistics.
  • Clarks Kentucky Almanac
    REF AY181.L4 C59

    This 2006 edition of state facts and statistics looks at various aspects of Kentucky, including the history, government, economy and education.
  • America Votes
    REF JK1967 .A8

    This reference source provides election results by state for general, primary and special elections in the races for president, house, senate and governor. It also provides county and district maps. Steely’s most recent copy comes from 2005/2006, but also owns editions back to the 2000 election
  • The Gallup Poll Monthly
    REF HM261.A1 G34

    This monthly publication contains public opinion polls on various issues during the time period.  Steely owns issues from 1981-2002.

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