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  • Encyclopedia of Social Theory (2005)
    REF HM425 .E47 2005

    This encyclopedia covers topics in social theory, focusing on schools, current debates and important theorists. Each of the 479 entries highlights sources for further reading. The work includes lists of entries and contributors as well as an index.
  • Encyclopedia of Sociology (2000)
    REF HM425 .E5 2000

    This revised and updated five-volume set contains information pertinent to the field of sociology. Arranged alphabetically by subject, the articles provide a good starting point for research in the field. Each article is followed by a short listing of references to further works about the topic. The final volume contains a comprehensive index.
  • Survey of Social Science. Sociology Series (1994)
    REF HM17 .S86 1994

    This multi-volume encyclopedia of sociological terms and concepts is composed of long entries averaging six pages. Each of the more than three hundred articles provide an overview of the topic specifically designed for the non-specialist in the field, a list of key terms, explanatory text, and a bibliography. Articles are extensively cross-indexed and each volume includes an index.
  • Key Quotations in Sociology (1996)
    REF HM17 .T56 1996

    Quotations are taken from the classic texts of the "Founding Fathers", the writings of more recent influential thinkers, and the most authoritative experts in special fields.
  • Education and Sociology : An Encyclopedia (2002)
    REF LC189.95 .E38 2002

    Over 90 essays from leading academic authorities in education provide information on the most current topics in the field. All articles are followed by extensive references.
  • Encyclopedia of Religion and Society (1998)
    REF BL60 .E53 1998

    This encyclopedia covers world religious leaders and scholars-past and present-in the United States and the world. This comprehensive volume is an essential reference for the study of the anthropology, psychology, politics, or sociology of religion. (
  • The International Encyclopedia of Sexuality (1997)
    REF HQ21 .I68 1997

    This reference can be used by a wide variety of professionals and students seeking information on cross-cultural patterns of sexual behavior. All of the entries closely follow a 14-point outline covering such topics as gender roles, religious and ethnic factors, autoerotic and interpersonal behaviors, contraception and abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, and other pertinent topics. (
  • Oxford Illustrated Encyclopedia of Peoples and Cultures (1992)
    REF GN11.O94 1992

    "Over 2,200 entries including biographies, religions, world politics, environmental issues, and leisure interests." (
  • The Sociology Student Writer’s Manual (1998)
    REF HM73 .S637 1998

    Reference writing manual helps both beginning and advanced sociologists learn how to research and write in sociology.
  • Opportunities in Social Science Careers (1997)
    REF HF5382 .M35

    Comprehensive career resource book includes a chapter on Careers in Sociology.

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