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Public Administration Web Resources

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The Web has a variety of sites useful to the Public Administration student. Here are just a few recommended ones:

  • American Society for Public Administration
    Provides members with access to conference details, the online journal, information about awards and other chapters, and a list of other helpful resources that can be found on the internet.
  • National Academy of Public Administration
    “The National Academy of Public Administration is a non-profit, independent coalition of top public management and organizational leaders who tackle the nation’s most critical and complex challenges. With a network of more than 600 distinguished Fellows and an experienced professional staff, the Academy is uniquely qualified and trusted across government to provide objective advice and practical solutions based on systematic research and expert analysis.”
  • Public Administration Online Resources at Education Index
    A resource that provides links to websites that deal with public administration.
  • Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory
    Online access to this journal which “aims to provide in-depth analysis of developments in the organizational, administrative, and policy sciences as they apply to government and governance. Each issue brings you critical perspectives and cogent analyses, serving as an outlet for the best theoretical and research work in the field.”
  • United Nations Online Network in Public Administration and Finance
    Provides access to important international and country-specific resources in public administration.
  • Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management
    Provides access to publications, conference information, and awards from the association.
  • American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
    “The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research is a private, nonpartisan, not-for-profit institution dedicated to research and education on issues of government, politics, economics, and social welfare. Founded in 1943, AEI is home to some of America's most accomplished public policy experts--from economics, law, political science, defense and foreign policy studies, ethics, theology, medicine, and other fields. The Institute sponsors research and conferences and publishes books, monographs, and periodicals. Its website posts its publications, videos and transcripts of its conferences, biographies of its scholars and fellows, and schedules of upcoming events.”

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