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Credo Reference E-books

A complete reference collection from over 50 publishers, powered by a network of cross-references that cut across topics, titles and publishers to provide answers - and new connections - in context.
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Market and Industry Reports

  • Market Research Reports
    Published by well-known market analysis sources including Datamonitor, Gartner, Inc. and ABS Energy Research. The reports contain the latest news, analysis and opinion covering the month's major issues and events in various industries.
    Online full-text version: available through Steely Library's subscription to Business Source Premier Enhanced Business Searching Interface.
  • Datamonitor Industry Profiles
    Covers market overview, market value, market volume, market segmentation, the competitive landscape, leading companies, market forecasts, and macroeconomic indicators for a variety of industries.
    Online full-text version: available through Steely Library's subscription to Business Source Premier Enhanced Business Searching Interface.
  • U.S. Standard Industrial Classification System (SIC)
    Find your industry code.
    Online full-text version
  • North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)
    Find your NAICS industry code. The NAICS replaces the SIC system, but many sources still use the SIC.
    Tables showing correspondence between NAICS and SIC
  • Mergent Online
    To locate competitors in an industry, find a list of companies with the SIC code for your product. This source covers publicly-held companies only.
    Steely Library subscription database is available: Mergent Online.
  • Lexis-Nexis Academic Search (click Business, then click Company Profiles)
    To locate competitors in an industry, find a list of companies with the SIC code for your product. This source includes private companies as well as publicly-held companies.
    Steely Library subscription database is available: Lexis-Nexis Academic Search.
  • Market Share Reporter: An Annual Compilation of Reported Market Share Data on Companies, Products, & Services
    Presents comparative business statistics. Provides an overview of companies, products and services and cites original sources. Arranged by four-digit SIC code. Each entry features data and market description; a list of producers and products along with their market share; and more.
    Print issues location: REF HF5410.M35 - Annual

Demographics, Consumer Profiles: The Market

  • SRDS: The Lifestyle Market Analyst
    Provides market analysis of potential local, regional and national audiences. Use this source to obtain data compiled from more than 15 million households. Access to demographic, lifestyle and consumer segment profiles help you locate your best prospects. You can identify where certain consumers live and how they spend their money and free time.
    Breaks down the American population geographically. Includes extensive lifestyle information on the interests, hobbies, and activities popular in each geographic and demographic market. Also use this source to locate consumer magazines and direct mail lists targeted to each lifestyle profile. Electronic copy: SRDSeb
  • Rand McNally Commercial Atlas & Marketing Guide
    Contains population, economic, and geographic data for more than 120,000 U.S. places, complete with large-scale, detailed maps. Thematic maps complement the raw data listings. Features include: census information, population estimates, population projections; latest estimations on population for the U.S., states, counties, cities, MSAs, CBSAs, RMAs, trading areas, and ZIP Code Service areas; data from Censuses of Retail and Wholesale Trades as well as manufacturing information on income, buying power, and sales; military, higher education, and agricultural data.
    Print issue location: Atlas Table - Annual, two vols.
  • Editor & Publisher Market Guide
    Uses 91 variables to project the year's retail sales, income levels and demographic composition of the US. The forecasting model is based on economic indicators provided by the Department of Commerce, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, state data centers and chambers of commerce throughout the U.S.
    Contains Market Ranking Tables which give year-end projections that tell how every MSA and the top 250 countries and cities with daily newspapers will stack up by year end. Includes population, disposable income, personal/household income, total retail sales by category.
    A Better Living Index," a relocation guide, contains ranking tables that list and compare cost of living information, crime data, and education statistics by city.
    Includes: number of workers in each type of industry, the principal pay days and the average weekly salary;covers principal shopping centers and their distances from the center of town, with information about principal shopping days and which nights stores are open; the names of department stores, discount stores, variety stores, chain drug stores, chain supermarkets, fast food outlets, automotive dealerships and others; military Installations including the name, number of personnel and branch of armed forces.
    Includes newspaper information that covers days of publication, circulation, local contact names, titles and telephone numbers, as well as national representatives
    Print issue location: REF HF5905.E38 : Annual
  • County and City Data Book / U.S. Census Bureau
    Official population and housing data from the U.S. Census plus business and other data for: all U.S. counties, cities with 25,000 or more inhabitants, and places of 2,500 or more inhabitants.
    Print issue location: Gov Docs C3.134/2:C82/2/
    Online full-text version
  • State and Metropolitan Area Data Book / U.S. Census Bureau
    Statistics on social and economic conditions in the United States at the State and metropolitan area levels. Selected data for component counties and central cities of metropolitan areas are also included.
    Print issue location: Gov Docs C 3.134/5:(year)
    Online full-text version
  • ACCRA Cost of Living Index: Comparative Data for 297 Urban Areas
    Measures relative price levels for both consumer goods and services.
    Print issue location: REF HB235.U6C58x : Quarterly
  • State Profiles: The Population and Economy of Each U.S. State
    Covers population, health, households, income and poverty, labor market, economic activity, exports, agriculture, energy, government finance, education, voter participation
    Print issue location: HA203.S734
  • American Incomes: Demographics of Who Has Money
    Electronic copy: HC110.I5 R87 2005eb
  • American Generations: Who They Are, How They Live, What They Think
    Electronic copy: HC110.C6 M545 2005eb
  • Encyclopedia of the U.S. Census / Congressional Quarterly
    Print issue location: HA37.U55E53 2000
  • Housing Statistics of the United States
    Print issue location: HA202.H654x
  • Datapedia of the United States: America Year by Year
    A complete and convenient statistical profile of the United States covering all its vital sectors. Based on the Statistical Abstract of the United States. In some areas, contains ten-year projections from the last census.
    Print issue location: REF HA202.K87 2001
    Electronic copy: HA202 .K87 2001eb


  • SRDS (Standard Rate & Data Service) Consumer Magazine Advertising Source
    Provides complete planning information on U.S. consumer magazines, including markets, standardized ad rates, circulation, Web sites and audit statements that provide additional facts on readership information and positioning; broken down by magazine subject category.
    Electronic copy: SRDS
  • Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media
    Guide to publications and broadcasting stations, including newspapers, magazines, journals, radio stations, television stations, and cable systems. Organized by state and city. Covers U.S. and Canada. Contains circulation figures and advertising rates.
    Print issue location: REF Z6951.A97 : Annual
  • Broadcasting & Cable Yearbook
    Covers U.S. and Canada. Organized by state and city. Includes ownership, programming and rate information. Television, radio, cable, satellites and other carriers.
    Print issue location: REF HE8689.C66 : Annual
  • The Advertising Red Books: Advertisers
    Overview of companies in the U.S. and Canada that spend at least $200,000 on national or regional advertising campaigns. Organized by subject categories. Gives media expenditures, which brands are owned by what company, etc.
    Print issue location: REF HF5805.S7 : Annual

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