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The following are recommended Reference titles available from Steely Library

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Credo Reference E-books

A complete reference collection from over 50 publishers, powered by a network of cross-references that cut across topics, titles and publishers to provide answers - and new connections - in context.
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To locate maps in the reference area, use the library catalog NKUIRE and use the Advanced Search feature.

  • National Geographic Atlas of the World
    Location: Ref G1021 .N38 1999
    Maps and atlases of all the continents, the globe as a whole, and oceans, with a comprehensive index.
  • Atlas of Kentucky
    Location: Ref G1330 .A77 1998
    Contains a variety of maps and infographs about Kentucky, including social, historical, and economic maps. Includes over 600 maps and 200 illustrations.
  • An Atlas and Survey of Latin American History
    Location: Ref G1541.S1 .L3 2007
    "An Atlas and Survey of Latin American History makes the geography, the demography, and the political, social, and economic history of the region easily accessible in clearly drawn black-and-white maps and accompanying text." From Google Books description.
  • Atlas of Medieval Europe
    Location: Ref G1791 .M2 1997
    "It investigates the major political, social and cultural changes, showing their spread throughout the middle ages, and takes into account recent developments in scholarship...includes geographical coverage, extending the broadest definition of Europe from the Atlantic coast to the Russian steppes; maps addressing a separate issue or series of events in Medieval history...With over 140 maps, expert commentaries and an extensive bibliography..." From Google Books description.
  • Japan: A Bilingual Atlas
    Location: Ref G2355 .J37 1991x
    This atlas provides names in both Japanese and English and includes large scale maps of Japan, metropolitan areas such as Tokyo and Kyoto, tourist areas and thematic maps. It includes a full index.
  • Cultural Atlas of Africa
    Location: Ref G2446.E1 C8 1998b
    Includes background information on Africa and growth of African culture, from prehistoric era to modern times. Includes maps on special topics such as AIDS, African kingdoms, and adult literacy, in addition to geographical maps.
  • Cambridge Atlas of Astronomy
    Location: Ref QB65 .G6813 1985
    "The Atlas is made complete by the inclusion of chapters on the history of astronomy and on cosmology. From the Earth itself, out through the planets to the most distant galaxies this Atlas is the most complete and authoritative one volume reference book on astronomy that is available." From Google Book description.

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