Legislative History (Committees)

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Committee Types

See flowchart: 2H and 2S

  • House or Senate Committees
    House or Senate Committees are subdivisions of that chamber which prepares Bills for consideration and passage by the full chamber. There are Standing Committees which can be divided into Subcommittees. Subcommittees study legislation, hold hearings, and make recommendations to the full committee. Only the full/standing committee can issue a Report for action by the Senate or House.
  • Special/Select Committees
    Special/Select Committees are temporary committees formed to handle special non-legislative or complex issues, or public policies, and are dissolved when their work is done (e.g., Senate Special Committee on Aging and House Select Committee on Intelligence). They can hold hearings and issue printed hearings, studies, and reports.
  • Standing Committees
    Standing Committees are permanent topically oriented committees that routinely handle the Bills of a particular nature (e.g., Ways and Means).
  • Conference Committees
    Conference Committees are committees of both Senators and Representatives used to mediate differences between House and Senate versions of a Bill.

House & Senate Committees

House Committees

Permanent/Standing Committees:

  • Administration
  • Agriculture
  • Appropriations
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Commerce
  • Economic and Educational Opportunities
  • Government Reform
  • House Oversight
  • International Relations
  • Judiciary
  • National Security
  • Resources
  • Rules
  • Science
  • Select Intelligence
  • Small Business
  • Standards of Official Conduct
  • Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Veterans’ Affairs
  • Ways and Means

Select Committees:

  • Select Committee on Homeland Security

Senate Committees

Permanent/Standing Committees:

  • Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forest
  • Appropriations
  • Armed Services
  • Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs
  • Budget
  • Commerce, Science, and Transportation
  • Energy and Natural Resources
  • Environment and Public Works
  • Finance
  • Foreign Relations
  • Governmental Affairs
  • Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions
  • Indian Affairs
  • Judiciary
  • Rules and Administration
  • Small Business
  • Veterans’ Affairs

Select Committees:

  • Select Committee on Ethics
  • Select Committee on Intelligence
  • Special Committee on Aging

Joint (House and Senate) Committees

Permanent/Standing Committees:

  • Joint Economic Committee
  • Joint Committee on the Library of Congress
  • Joint Committee on Printing
  • Joint Committee on Taxation

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