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General Information

Researching a federal legislative history requires learning new terms, definitions, and information resources for the definitions. The number of information resources used to complete a legislative history can vary depending on the law in question and the expertise and ability of the researcher. What follows is a basic research guide for the beginner.

This basic guide to the Legislative Process includes:

  • an overview of the legislative process, including basic definitions, and a description of the components that make up a federal legislative history,
  • a list of information resources,
  • a legislative flowchart,
  • a list of House and Senate Committees.

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  1. How Our Laws are Made by Charles R. Johnson, June 30, 2003 edition found in the Library of Congress Legislative History Online: Thomas (Website Electronic Version)
  2. Congressional Sources:
  3. Federal Legislative History Research: A Practitioner's Guide to Compiling the Documents and Sifting for Legislative Intent, by Richard J. McKinney and Ellen A. Sweet. (Last Revised in January 2008)

Related Citation Guides

  1. Brief Guide to Citing Government Publications (Government Publications Department, University of Memphis Libraries)

The Legislative History Research Guide is maintained by Philip Yannarella. Suggestions and comments are welcome.


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