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The Web has a variety of sites useful to the law student. Here are just a few recommended ones:

  • Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet
    The Thomas Web site offers the text of bills, congressional records, and committee reports, and provides status reports for public laws. Be sure to use links for Executive and Judicial branches. Through these connections, you can find texts of Presidential speeches, policy papers from various agencies, and all Supreme Court decisions since 1900. Finally, the link to start/local links provides extensive local information.
  • Findlaw Constitutional Law Center
    Full text (searchable) of the Constitution with annotations of related Supreme Court cases; full text of the Articles of Confederation and the Federalist Papers; the history of the Constitution; biographical information on the founding fathers and Supreme Court justices; discussion of "hot" constitutional topics such as flag burning and abortion; text of Supreme Court cases with discussion, chat rooms and message boards on constitutional and legal issues.
  • WashLaw: Legal Research on the Web
    Maintained by the Washburn University School of Law, this site includes numerous links to state, federal, and international legal resources, as well as information about legal studies and the legal profession.
  • FDsys
    Provides access to officia llegal resources from all branches of the U.S. government, published by the U.S. Government Printing Office.
  • Code of Federal Regulations
    Available in print and on-line, the CFR offers a simplified version of rules and regulations published by executive agencies of the Federal Government.
  • Full-text State Statutes and Legislation on the Internet
    "This page seeks to link to sites containing full-text state constitutions, statutes (called codes or compiled laws in some states), legislation (bills, amendments, etc.), session laws (bills that have become laws), and administrative rules."
  • Municipal Code Corporation
    Links to online municipal codes, by state
  • 7Sage LSAT Prep and Courses 
    Online free LSAT preparation materials           
  • Internet Legal Resources
    From the University of Washington School of Law.
  • United Nations Home Page
    This Web site offers key documents, news reports, and a personnel directory. Topics covered include human rights, economic and social development, and international law, among others.
  • Worldwide Legal Directories
    This Web site includes extensive legal directories, as well as information about the legal profession and government (national and international).

For more Web resources related to law (federal, state, and local), see Research Links from Chase Law Library.

For more information on legislative history, see Steely's Legislative History site.


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