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Human Resources Reference Items

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  • St. James Encyclopedia of Labor History Worldwide
    Print issue location: REF HD4839.S74 2004
  • Employee Benefits Dictionary
    Print issue location: REF HD4928.N6 B75 1992
  • Chronology of Labor in the United States
    Print issue location: REF HD6508.W74 2003
  • Labor Conflict in the United States: An Encyclopedia
    Print issue location: REF HD5324.L32 1990
  • Biographical Dictionary of American Labor Leaders
    Print issue location: REF HD8073.A1 F56
  • The Blackwell Encyclopedic Dictionary of Organizational Behavior
    Print issue location: REF HD58.7.B57 1995
  • Meeting the Needs of Employees with Disabilities
    Print issue location: REF HD7256.U5 M445 1999
  • Handbook of U.S. Labor Statistics: Employment, Earnings, Prices, Productivity, and Other Labor Data
    Available: 2002-2010
    Print issue location: REF HD8051 .A63 2001x
  • The Blackwell Encyclopedic Dictionary of Human Resource Management
    Print issue location: REF HF5549.A23 B58 1997
  • The Human Resource Glossary: The Complete Desk Reference for HR Executives, Managers, and Practitioners
    Print issue location: REF HF5549.A23 T73 1998bx

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