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  • Dictionary of American History
    REF E 174 .D52 2003

    Ten volumes. "The Dictionary of American History is the perfect introduction to the events, objects, issues, places, and concepts that have shaped American history since pre-Columbian times. More than 6,200 articles cover a wide range of military, political, social, and economic subjects, including theater, sports, battles, natural resources, food, education, and government agencies such as the F.B.I., the C.I.A., and the Post Office." (Barnes &
  • Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy
    REF E 183.7 .E52 2002

    Three volumes. "General category coverage includes concepts and doctrines, policy making, commerce and science, human rights and arms control, with specific articles on topics ranging from anti-imperialism to environmental diplomacy, from refugee policies to terrorism and countermeasures." (
  • Historical Dictionary of the 1960s
    E 841 .H58 1999eb
    (electronic book)
    REF E 841 .H58 1999
    (print version)
    "This book takes an encyclopedic look at the decade--at the individuals who shaped the era, the civil rights movement, the antiwar movement, the women's movement, and the youth rebellion. It covers the political, military, social, cultural, religious, economic, and diplomatic topics that made the 1960s a unique decade in U.S. history." (
  • Encyclopedia of Tariffs and Trade in U.S. History
    HF 1705 .E53 2003eb
    (electronic book)
    Three Volumes. "This encyclopedia provides comprehensive coverage of tariffs and trade from pre-colonial times to the present, featuring more than 400 A-Z entries, selected primary documents, and texts of the tariffs. It overviews the people, events, and legislation that have affected tariffs and trade policy, while illustrating the issues with primary documents from the Federalist Papers to the Gore-Perot debate over NAFTA." (
  • The Civil War: Primary Documents on Events from 1860 to 1865
    REF E 464 .C54 2004

    This is part of the Greenwood Press' Debating Historical Issues in the Media of the Time series (see also volumes on the Early Republic, Revolutionary Era, Antebellum Era, Reconstruction Era, etc.) "News articles, editorials, and cartoons from the time offer a range of contentious and impassioned opinions and reports on the crucial events that precipitated, sustained, and eventually concluded this vital chapter in American history and politics. ... Topical chapters offer multiple annotated documents related to twenty-four crucial topics and events occurring and debated during the War Between the States. Questions designed to stimulate written and oral discussions conclude each chapter." (
  • Encyclopedia of the American West
    REF F 591 .E485 1996

    Four volumes. "This four-volume encyclopedia provides extensive coverage of the people, places, features, events, organizations, and social customs that shaped the American West. The more than 1,700 entries provide concise, well-written information about persons, places, or things." (
  • Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War: A Political, Social, and Military History
    REF DS 557.7 .E53 1998

    Three volumes. "Over 900 A–Z entries with extensive cross references after each entry. Biographies of key Vietnamese and American participants; 200 primary source documents; 150 illustrations and 22 maps … Coverage of defoliation, changing U.S. strategies, post-traumatic stress disorder, veterans' groups, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the war and the arts, and the contributions of African Americans and women." (Publisher's web site)
  • Native American Encyclopedia: History, Culture, and Peoples
    REF E 76.2 .P75 2000

    "Dispelling myths, answering questions, and stimulating thoughtful avenues for further inquiry, this highly readable reference provides a wealth of specific information about all known North American Indians ... Listed alphabetically for easy access, each Native American group is presented in careful detail, starting with the tribal name, translation, origin, and definition. Each entry then includes significant facts about the group's location and population, as well as impressive details about the history and culture of the group." (Barnes &
  • The Kentucky Encyclopedia
    (electronic book)
    REF F 451 .K413 1992
    (print version)
    "…The book includes over 2000 entries spanning the history, politics, economy, arts, recreation, and biography of the state. Far more than history, the encyclopedia documents all aspects of the evolution of Kentucky. The entries range from a brief paragraph to several pages (coal mining, tobacco, and caves). The work of over 500 contributors, the volume leaves few Kentucky stones unturned. The arrangement is alphabetical, and cross references are indicated in small capitals within an entry. Bibliographic notes are added for many entries, and entries are signed unless they were written by the staff of the volume. A 15-page overview of Kentucky emphasizing the 20th century introduces the entries..." (
  • Great Jobs for History Majors
    REF HF 5382 .D43 2008x

    "… will help you: Determine the occupation that's best suited for you; Craft a résumé and cover letter that stand out from the rest; Learn from practicing professionals about everyday life on the job; Become familiar with current statistics on salaries and trends within the profession." (

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