Government Documents (For Specific Groups)

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Government Documents for Specific Groups

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  • For Business and Industry:
    Vital descriptive and numerical information on domestic, economic affairs, overseas trade, and applied technology; authoritative comments by the US Department of Commerce on current national and international business problems.
  • For the Education Professional:
    Color audiovisual aids, new teaching techniques, statistical data from the US Department of Education, current federal funding, inventory manuals, career education, and other related new sources of topical resources materials for the educator.
  • For the Health Professional:
    Sources of the latest information on basic medical and health care rules and regulations and the latest statistics about injuries, illnesses, diseases, births, deaths, marriages, and divorces.
  • For Small Business:
    Guides for organizing and operating small businesses, and information for marketing, accounting, advertising, and marketing studies.
  • For the Economist:
    Economic indicators data, statistics, and narrative information to gain an accurate and detailed view of the current economic situation. Related social and economic data are available for economic projections.
  • For the Environmentalist:
    Water and air quality standards for the abatement and control of water and air pollution. Standards for the control and use of pesticides, and for the management of solid waste and radiation.
  • For the Homeowner:
    The Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Agriculture together present innumerable resources on the food supply, nutrition, food safety, and proper diet for all Americans. There are also budget planning guides, tax preparation guides, consumer manuals and information guides, hints on home repair, and your rights, privileges, and obligations as a homeowner.
  • For the Student:
    Researchers for a term paper or project will usually find something of value in annual reports, special reports, statistical reports, periodicals, census publications, special studies, which have been issued by the Presidents (since Washington), the Congresses (since the Continental), and the Agencies (since 1776). All of these sources provide a rich history of resources found in a documents collection.
  • And Much More:
    Remember, all the existing resources are waiting for your use and there is always something new coming out. Read government documents paid for by your tax dollars and be an informed citizen.

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