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Environmental Science Reference Items

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  • Agripedia
    An online "encyclopedia of agriculture," Agripedia presents facts, figures, demonstrations, examples, graphics, and more regarding the concepts, practices, and vocabulary of agriculture in a multimedia format using audio clips, graphics, text, and animation." [Unrestricted, University of Kentucky]
  • The Environmental Resource Handbook (2002)
    REF TD169.6 .E5x

    Provides information about Environmental Associations, Research Centers, Environmental Health, Publications, Educational Programs, Environmental Law, Trade Shows, Environmental Statistics, Green City Rankings, Grants, Government Agencies, Consultants, Green Product Catalogs, and Web Sites."
  • A Dictionary of Environment and Conservation (2007)
    REF GE10 .P37 2007x

    A comprehensive reference work containing over 8,500 informative entries on all aspects of the environment and conservation, embracing a broad spectrum of concerns, including sustainable development, biodiversity, environmental ethics, philosophy and history, resource management, sociology, and environmental policy.
  • Historical Dictionary of the Green Movement (2007)
    REF GE 195.P36

    Provides a detailed and comprehensive overview of green parties and movements, green issues, and green concepts.
  • Dictionary of Agriculture and Environmental Science (2003)
    REF S 411.T76

    This text contains complete meanings for thousands of terms that are either uncommon words or have multiple or specialized meanings.
  • Oxford Companion to Global Change (2009)
    REF GE 149 .C84

    'The Oxford Companion to Global Change is an up-to-date, comprehensive, interdisciplinary guide to the range of issues surrounding natural and human-induced changes in the Earth's environment. In one convenient volume, the Companion brings together current knowledge about the relations between technological, social, demographic, economic, and political factors as well as biological, chemical, and physical systems. It is an essential reference work for students, teachers, researchers, and other professionals seeking to understand any aspect of global change' (Amazon.com)
  • Environmental Activists (2001)
    REF GE 55.E57

    Contains profiles of individuals from the early 1800s through the 20th century who have contributed significantly to the growth and progress of the environmental movement.
  • Pollution A-Z (2004)
    REF TD 173.P65

    Three volume set includes articles on various causes of pollution and their effects on human and environmental health, on people and organizations that have been active in cleanup, and on agencies and legislation related to these issues.
  • Careers for Environmental Types & Others Who Respect the Earth (2002)
    REF HF5382 .F365

    This book '... lets career explorers look at the job market through the unique lens of their own interests. The book reveals dozens of ways to pursue a passion and make a living--including many little-known but delightful careers that will surprise readers.' (Amazon.com)
  • U. S. Bureau  of Labor Statistics.  Occupational Outlook Handbook          http://purl.fdlp.gov/GPO/gpo25035


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