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  • Encyclopedia of Education
    Location: LB 15 E47 2003
    A multi-volume set that contains more than 1,000 articles which offer views on the institutions, people, process, and products found in educational practice. The articles deal with history, theory, research, and philosophy of education.
  • Encyclopedia of American Education
    Location: REF LB 17 .U54 2001
    Designed as an easy-to-use reference, the encyclopedia offers nearly 2,500 entries covering a broad range of topics affecting American education. Subjects include: administration, pedagogy, history, reform, church-state conflicts, civil rights, minority education, and women's education.
  • Encyclopedia of Education and Human Development
    Location: REF LB 15 .E473 2005
    A multi-volume set that divided into seven sections dealing with specific areas in education. Included are: "Constructs of Learning," "Philosophical, Social, and Political Issues in Education," "Physical, Motor, and Cognitive Domains," and "Educational Issues Concerning Diverse Populations."
  • Gender and Education: An Encyclopedia
    Location: REF LC 213 .G425 2007
    Two volumes. "The entries in this work cover the breadth of topics related to gender and education. They provide reference information on the history and condition of gender and education from elementary to high school. Entries cover such topics as: alternative schools, historically black colleges and universities in the United States, military colleges and academies, private and public single-sex and co-educational schools, literacy, mathematics achievement, women's centers, teacher interactions with girls and boys, affirmative action in U.S. higher education, sororities and fraternities, educator sexual misconduct, expectations of teachers for boys and girls, heterosexism and homophobia, bullying, harassment, and violence among students, salaries of male and female educators, school choice and gender equity, disabled students and gender equity, Title IX and school sports, black feminism, womanism, and queer theory." (
  • Education and Sociology: An Encyclopedia
    Location: REF LC 189.95 .E38 2002
    A collection of articles reflecting a sociology of education. Article topics range from "adolescence and schools" to "working parents."
  • The Encyclopedia of Middle Grades Education
    Location: REF LB 1623 .E53 2005
    The encyclopedia provides a set of definitions and descriptions of all the elements, features, and characteristics that comprise the middle level concept. Anchored by several major essays, it also chronicles the history and development of the middle level movement and philosophical foundations of the movement.
  • Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA Style Manual)
    Location: BF 76.7 .P83
    This manual is a compilation of rules for preparing manuscripts; it is a handy guide when writing assignments requiring that you adhere to APA guidelines.
    Online version
  • Review of Research in Education
    Location: LB 1028 .R43 (Book Collection)
    Provides a review of the research completed in the field of education during the previous year. A good source for finding summaries and literature reviews on a variety of education topics.
  • Mental Measurements Yearbook 1st edition to Present and Supplements
    Location: LB 3051 .B797
    Also known as "Buros." Provides factual information on uses, availability, prices, as well as references to reviews and evaluative articles on all educational, psychological, and personality tests published in English-speaking countries. In some cases, excerpts of reviews are provided. The introduction gives detailed instructions for using the yearbook.
    Online version
  • Tests in Print
    Location: REF LB 3051 .T46
    A directory of standardized tests available from publishers. Tests are described briefly, and for some tests references to reviews are included. The Index of (test) Titles includes references to the other volumes of Tests in Print and the Mental Measurements Yearbook
  • College Source Online
    Provides full text (in PDF format) of 12,000 college catalogs, including 2-year, 4-year, graduate, and professional schools. Searchable by major, geographic location, tuition, enrollment, affiliation, and other criteria.
  • Online University Reviews
    Search top online university reviews, ratings and rankings of accredited top online universities to find the best online university for you.

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