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How to Find books, videos, and other materials in Steely Library.

For locating specific items, including videos in the Media Collection, using the library's catalog, NKUIRE, is recommended. Keyword, Author, Title, and Subject are among the ways you can search.

For Non-Print Media (videos, DVDs, CDs, slides, etc.), Consider the "Media Searches" tab atop the NKUIRE search page.

WorldCat is the world's most comprehensive bibliography, with more than 49 million bibliographic records representing 400 languages. Covers information from 2100 B.C.E. to the present. Includes holdings information from libraries across the world. Now includes the Library of Congress Subject Headings as its thesaurus. If Steely Library does not own a title, it may be requested through SourceFinder.

Browsing for books in Steely's Reference and Circulating collections can be very useful

For Visual arts, the following call number areas are suggested:

  • N40 Artists Biography (General)
  • N85-365 Art education
  • N5205-5208 Art Patronage
  • N5300-7415 Art history
  • N5310-5930 Prehistoric, ancients, including Greece & Rome
  • N5950-6320 Medieval
  • N6370-6400 Renaissance
  • N6410-6494 17th-20th century
  • N6494 Special movements (Cubism, deco, surrealism, etc.)
  • N6502-7411 Art by Geographical location
  • N7420-7480 Technique, collected writings, historiography, criticism
  • N7433.8-7433.85 Computer Art
  • N7626-7628 Men in Art
  • N7629-7639 Women in Art
  • N7690-7760 Devices, symbolism, mythology
  • N7790-8199 Religious art
  • N8354 Women as artists
  • NA25-9000 Architecture
  • NB16-1952 Sculpture
  • NC15-1890 Drawing, Graphic Arts, etc.
  • ND Painting
  • ND55-196 Painting by period
  • ND197-1059 Painting by Geographical location
  • ND1290-1460 Portrait, landscape paintings
  • ND1500-1660 Materials, conservation, forgeries
  • ND2889-3416 Illuminated books/manuscripts
  • NE Printmaking
  • NK Decorative Arts
  • NK2200-2750 and TT194-199.4 Furniture
  • NK3700-4695 and TP798-841 Ceramics
  • NK5098-5440 and TP849-862 Glass
  • TR1-1145 Photography
  • Z246 Graphic Design

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