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Credo Reference E-books

A complete reference collection from over 50 publishers, powered by a network of cross-references that cut across topics, titles and publishers to provide answers - and new connections - in context.
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  • Dictionary of Art
    REF N 31 D5 1996

    34 volumes. A "unique guide to all the visual arts: painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, drawing, printmaking, as well as the decorative arts. The Dictionary ranges far both geographically and historically; it features unparalleled coverage of Africa, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Mongolia, China, India, the Islamic world, Japan, Korea, Native North America, Pacific and Aboriginal Australia, Pre-Columbian America, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the Ancient Near East, and Ancient Rome. Providing depth as well as breadth, The Dictionary of Art examines important art forms and key issues of design, taste, function, and patronage, illuminating them in light of the cultural context in which they developed." (Publisher)
  • The Penguin Concise Dictionary of Art History
    REF N 5300 .F64 2000

    "This volume seeks to present an interdisciplinary approach to art history. It uses information from a number of fields, such as literature, psychology, history, geography, and economics, to give a cultural context to the changes in art. There are more than 1,500 alphabetically arranged entries, from very short (13 words) to substantial (several pages), encompassing such subjects as Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, the definition of plein air painting, and the use of tropology to study individual works of art." (
  • Klee as in Clay
    REF NX 163 M3 1986

    "How to pronounce the most frequently mispronounced names in the world of architecture, dance, drama, literature, music, painting and sculpture."
  • Art Books: A Basic Bibliography of Monographs on Artists
    N 40 .A77 1997x

    "The listing is alphabetical by artist, and the index by author. The works cited include analytical and critical, biographical, and enumerative; their formats range from books and catalogues raisonnes to exhibition and auction sale catalogues. A selection of biographical dictionaries containing information on artists is arranged by country." (Books in Print)
  • Encyclopedia of World Art
    REF N 31 .E533

    Truly a classic, this 17 volume set is "'a monumental encyclopedia' of virtually every kind of man-made object that is judged on its form or decoration. The articles, written by a variety of international scholars and specialists, fall into three broad categories: historical, conceptual and systematic; and geographical ... Many of the articles have become standard bibliographical references." (AbeBooks)
  • Dictionary of Artists' Models
    REF N 7574 .D53 2001x

    "The first reference work devoted to their lives and roles, this book provides information on some 200 artists' models from the Renaissance to the present day. Most entries are illustrated and consist of a brief biography, selected works in which the model appears (with location), a list of further reading. This will prove an invaluable reference work for art historians, librarians, museum and gallery curators, as well as students and researchers."
  • The Encyclopedia of Associations
    REF HS 17 .E5x

    Comprehensive directory of U.S. organizations. Includes more than 600 art-related associations, such as The Association of Art Historians, The Art Information Center, and The International Foundation for Art Research.
  • Fine Art as a Career: Painter, Sculptor, Printmaker: Portrait of the Artist as an Intriguing Individual
    N 8350 .F56 2005eb (electronic book)

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