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  • Encyclopedia of Anthropology
    Location: REF GN 11 .E63 2006
    "Five substantial volumes, with more than 1,000 entries, encompass information on all of the various aspects of the field [including] physical/biological anthropology, archaeology, cultural/social anthropology, linguistics, and applied anthropology. Articles on related topics such as biology, evolution, geology, paleontology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and theology are also included. Approximately 230 of the entries are biographical." (
  • Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology
    Location: REF GN 307 .E52 1996
    Four volumes, emphasizing "the cross-cultural perspective, holistic approach, and practice of fieldwork that demark cultural anthropology. Written by experts and accompanied by a bibliography and cross references, the 340 lengthy entries mainly comprise subjects, theoretical constructs, geographical/cultural areas, cultural groups, and important organizations related to anthropology, including treatments of various aspects of archaeology, biological anthropology, and linguistics." (
  • Encyclopedia of Historical Archaeology
    Location: REF CC 77.H5 E53 2002
    "[T]he first in-depth reference source on the most rapidly growing area in archaeology. Edited by one of the world's most renowned historical archaeologists, this work offers a comprehensive guide to the essential sites, concepts, and issues central to the study of historical archaeology, and at the same time helps to define it as a field. The more than 370 entries, written by 120 experts from around the world, make this an indispensable reference source for students and scholars alike" (
  • Dictionary of Anthropology
    Location: REF GN 307 .D485 1997
    'Coverage is broad, touching on key concepts, theories, methodologies, and ethnographic and thematic research, though definitions for any religious traditions are lacking. While entries vary in length and depth, many short entries are enhanced with cross references, and there is a cumulative bibliography with more than 500 entries, including 42 biographies.' (
  • Encyclopedia of the Peoples of the World
    Location: REF GN 495.4 .E53 1993
    'A wealth of information on modern cultures and ethnic groups resides in this one-volume work, primarily a product of Israeli scholars. Articles tend to focus more on the political and geographical histories than on the cultural and linguistic differences that distinguish peoples. Peoples are defined as broadly as nationalities; for example, there is an entry for Americans as well as for the many ethnic groups that comprise the U.S. population. Articles contain both the common and indigenous names of groups and provide cross references to related entries. Maps highlight the locations of lesser-known peoples.' (
  • Encyclopedia of Multicultural Psychology
    Location: REF GN 502 .E63 2006
    'Among the A-Z entries are articles for ethnic groups, for example, Alaska natives, Cuban Americans, and Vietnamese Americans. Each of these articles gives background for the group, a history of its immigration, information about acculturation, and more. Major areas of concern, such as Depression, Posttraumatic stress disorder, and Stress are defined and discussed in general, and then with respect to various groups. The articles are for the most part at least one page in length. Many are much longer, and most include bibliographies.' (
  • Careers in Anthropology, Archeology
    Location: GN 41.8 .C37 2005eb (electronic book)
    Extensive career guide for Anthropology and Archeology including history of the fields, attributes of the job, required education and training and compensation information.
  • Great Jobs for Anthropology Majors
    Location: GN 41.8 .C35 2005eb (electronic book)
    This book will '... help college students assess talents and skills for a job, explore a wide range of career options, target the perfect career, present college majors as workplace assets, and perfect their job search.' (
  • Guide to Careers in Physical Anthropology
    Location: REF HF5382 .G83 2002x
    'The increase in government and private industry employment of physical anthropologists demonstrates the growing need for the skills that these scientists can offer, and the diversity of careers described here represents just the starting point of the possibilities that will become available to physical anthropologists in the future.' (

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