Information Literacy in Your Classroom

An Information Literate Student is one capable of negotiating the research process with relative ease and confidence.

According to the Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education, an information literate student can do the following:

The purpose of these pages is to provide means and ways to integrate information literacy activities in the classroom. The pages can supplement librarian-provided instruction or act in lieu of it, if we cannot arrange it with you.

The pages are divided into specific areas:

  • Explanation of the standard and what it means for the student
  • Explanations of the concepts that encompass that particular research step
  • Examples of each concept for you, the faculty member, to teach it more efficiently in class
  • An example of how the research process looks at each stage at the student level
  • Activities and worksheets that can be incorporated into the classroom
  • Links to library tutorials that address that step

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