Graduate/Doctoral Level (600 and above)

Steely Librarians will work collaboratively with graduate and doctoral faculty to design graduate and doctoral level information literacy instruction classes, customized to the specific assignment of each class and including resources specific to that discipline.

Graduate/Doctoral level library instruction can include how to:

  • Conduct a literature review
  • Understand the exhaustive nature of recursive research
  • Distinguish the unique values of quantitative and qualitative research studies
  • Develop expertise in locating resources relevant to their discipline and assignment
  • Develop expertise in locating appropriate resources in specific subject area (print, databases/journal, web resources)
  • Read secondary and tertiary information sources to increase familiarity with the topic
  • Develop complex search strategies using advanced techniques in order to enhance precision of the information retrieved (nesting, truncation, Boolean, database thesauri, etc.)
  • Conduct a refined search (broadening/ narrowing)
  • Identify resources not held by Steely Library and determine the most efficient way of retrieving them
  • Develop expertise in tracking citations for the research process Develop expertise in locating and applying citation style formats appropriate to their discipline
  • Utilize advanced citation software features to organize bibliographic research
  • Learn about additional help via the Ask Steely Library Services

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