Information Literacy Series: ENG 101 - School-based Scholars

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Compare and contrast academic, school, and public libraries
  • Describe advantages and weaknesses of relying solely on Google (Web) for research
  • Identify two research resources beyond the Web to locate information for college research papers
  • Incorporate quality information sources to support a perspective, as demonstrated in research paper assignment
  • Explain the role citations play in research writing

Start here!

Welcome to NKU and welcome to Steely Library.  As school-based scholars, enrolled in ENG 101, you will be expected to incorporate sources into writing assignments.  This tutorial series will introduce you to Steely Library and some foundational research concepts.

What is an "Academic" Library?

Steely Library is an academic library.  Click through this Prezi comparing and contrasting academic, public, and K-12 libraries.

Web Searching

Why Can't I Just Google?

What are Databases?  Why Do I Need Them?

Suggested Steely Library Databases for ENG 101 Research

Finding Books at Steely Library

Last One!

Additional Information

Plagiarism and citing sources is a topic often discussed in ENG 101 and other college courses.  This tutorial from Steely Library provides some useful definitions and tips to avoid plagiarism.

Steely Library phone number:  859.572.5457