South African Materials

South African Materials



Case, Dianne; illustrated by Dan Andreasen
Love, David
Y PZ7.C26718 Lo 1991

Daly, Niki
Happy Birthday, Jamela!
Y PZ7.D1715 Hap 2006

Daly, Niki
Jamela's Dress
Y PZ7.D1715 Jam 1999

Daly, Niki
Not So Fast, Songololo
Y PZ7.D1715 No 1986

Daly, Niki
Once Upon a Time
Y PZ7.D1715 On 2003

Daly, Niki
What's Cooking, Jamela?
Y PZ7.D1715 Wh 2001

Daly, Niki
Where's Jamela?
Y PZ7.D1715 Wj 2004

Gordon, Shelia
Waiting for the Rain: A Novel of South Africa
Y PZ7.G65937 Wai 1987

Haarhoff, Dorian; illustrated by Leon Vermeulen
Desert December
Y PZ7.H11214 De 1992

Isadora, Rachel
At the Crossroads
Y PZ7.I763 At 1991

Isadora, Rachel
A South African Night
Y PZ7.I763 So 1998

Naidoo, Beverley
No Turning Back: A Novel of South Africa
Y PZ7.N1384 No 1997

Sacks, Margaret
Beyond Safe Boundaries
Y PZ7.S1223 Be 1989

Sacks, Margaret; illustrated by Wil Clay
Y PZ7.S1223 Th 1994x

Schermbrucker, Reviva; illustrated by Niki Daly
Charlie's House
Y PZ7.S3428 C4 1991x

St. John, Lauren, illustrated by David Dean
The White Giraffe
Y PZ7.S77435 Wh 2007

Stewart, Dianne; pictures by Jude Daly
The Dove
Y PZ7.S84878 Do 1993

Stock, Catherine
Armien's Fishing Trip
Y PZ7.S8635 Ar 1990

Winter, Jeanette
Elsina's Clouds
Y PZ7.W7547 El 2004

Wulf, Linda Press
The Night of the Burning: Devorah's Story
Y PZ7.W96362 Ni 2006x


Angelou, Maya
My Painted House, My Friendly Chicken, and Me
Y DT2913.N44 A54 1994

Blauer, Ettagale and Jason Lauré
South Africa
LRC LT6110.C5415 E527 1998

Diagram Group
Peoples of Southern Africa
Y GN656 .P46 1997

Haskins, Jim
Winnie Mandela: Life of Struggle
Y DT779.955.M36 H38 1988

Lauré, Jason and Ettagale Lauré
South Africa, Coming of Age Under Apartheid
Y DT763 .L33 1980

Mann, Kenny
Monomotapa, Zulu, Basuto: Southern Africa
LRC LT6110.D57185 A4755 1996

Meltzer, Milton
Winnie Mandela: The Soul of South Africa
Y DT779.955.M36 M45 1986

Wilson-Max, Ken
Halala Means Welcome: A Book of Zulu Words
Y PL8843 .W55 1998

Folk Tales

Aardema, Verna
Behind the Back of the Mountain; Black Folktales from Southern Africa
Y PZ8.1.A213 Be

Moodie, Fiona
Nabulela: A South African Folk Tale
Y PZ8.1.M775 Nab 1997

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