Not Too "Scary" Stories

Not Too "Scary" Stories

After-School Monster / by Marissa Moss
Y PZ7.M8535 Af 1991

Bumps in the Night / by Harry Allard
Y PZ7.A413 Bu 1996

A Creepy Countdown / by Charlotte Huck
Y PZ8.3.H853 Cr 1998

Ghosts in the House! / by Kazuno Kohara
Y PZ7.K82325 Gh 2008

Go Away, Big Green Monster! / by Ed Emberley
Y PZ7.E565 Go 1992

Goodnight Goon: A Petrifying Parody / by Michael Rex
Y PZ8.3.R318 Goo 2008

The House that Drac Built / by Judy Sierra
Y PZ8.3.S577 Ho 1995

I Hear a Noise / by Diane Goode
Y PZ7.G604 Iab 1988

In a Dark, Dark Room, and Other Scary Stories / by Alvin Schwartz
Y PZ8.1.S399 In 1984bx

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything / by Linda Williams
Y PZ7.W6668 Li 1986

The Mighty Movers / by Sidney Levitt
Y PZ7.L58245 Mi 1994

Monstersong / by Mathilde Stein
Y PZ8.3.S8192 Mo 2006x

No Such Thing / by Jackie French Koller
Y PZ7.K833 Ni 1997

Old Devil Wind / by Bill Martin, Jr
Y PZ7.M3643 Ol 1996x

Scary Godmother / by Jill Thompson
Y PN6727.T4 S32 1997x

Tailypo! / retold by Jan Wahl
Y PZ8.1.W126 Tai 1991

Three Little Ghosties / by Pippa Goodhart
Y PZ8.3.G6225 Th 2007

Velcome / by Kevin O'Malley
Y PZ7.O526 Ve 1997

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