Models and Manipulatives

Models and Manipulatives



Foam capital letters

LRC LT 4000.R73 F6

Motor letter system capital letter

LRC LT 4790.T23 M63

Motor letter system lower case letter

LRC LT 4790.T23 M64


Animal cell

LRC LT 5110.C35 A7

Brain Model

LRC LT 5110.N95 B7

The Ear

LRC LT 5110.N95 E3

The Eye

LRC LT 5110.N95 E9

Female pelvis

LRC LT 3360.G16 F55 1999


LRC LT 5110.N95 H4

Male Human anatomy

LRC LT 5110.P3574 H8 1995

Male pelvis

LRC LT 3360.G16 M34 1999

Mr. Dip Lip

LRC LT 3393.H445 M5 1995
A hinged model of the teeth, tongue and oral cavity, designed to show the damaging effects of using smokeless tobacco.

Mr. Thrifty skeleton

LRC LT 5110.A612 M7 1990

Simulated smoker’s lungs demonstration kit

LRC LT 5110.N286 S55 1992


LRC LT 5110.N95 S5


LRC LT 5110.N95 T4

Tiny Tim human skeleton model

LRC LT 5110.A612 T56 1993

Earth Science

The composition of soils

LRC LT 5260.S36 C6

Contains samples of 10 rocks commonly found in soils, or that are decomposed and make up a part of soils, and 5 soil type samples.

Fossil set

LRC LT 5100.S1 F7

Our amazing volcanoes earth science kit

LRC LT 5260.E374 O87 1998

Rock cycle model

LRC LT 5260.H76 R6

Rock set

LRC LT 5260.S1 R7

24 rocks

Rock specimen package

LRC LT 5260.S317 R7

The Water cycle

LRC LT 5290.H76 W33

Life Science

Corn & bean seedling germination

LRC LT 5120.B595 C7

Leaf shapes and arrangements

LRC LT 5270.A315 L4

The life cycle of the butterfly

LRC LT 5140.K15 L4 1996

Life cycle stages complete set

LRC LT 5140.I634 L5

Models for each of the life cycle stages from egg to adult for 7 insect species. Monocot and Dicot characteristics

LRC LT 5270.A315 M6

Teaches students how to discern between monocots and dicots, a key distinction in all plant identification keys.

Ocean puzzle

LRC LT 5260.C673 O35

Plant cell

LRC LT 5120.C35 P5

Ribbit Frog model

LRC LT 5110.S31 R5

A model used to teach the organ structure of the frog. Each of the major organs (made of cloth) can be easily removed from the Velcro pouch on the frog's underside.

Typical flower

LRC LT 5120.B595 T9


Ceramic bar magnet

LRC LT 5280.E39 C46 2001

Ceramic ring magnet

LRC LT 5280.E39 C47 2001

Floating ring magnets activity kit

LRC LT 5280.N544 F56 2005

Magnet lab

LRC LT 5280.A39 M3

Magnetic marbles

LRC LT 5280.D45 M26

Rubberized magnets

LRC LT 5280.D45 M3

Neodymium magnets

Large size: LRC LT 5280.E39 N46 2001<

Small size: LRC LT 5280.E39 N47 2001

Six mighty magnets

LRC LT 5280.L364 S58


3-D algebra lab gear

LRC LT 4410.C684 T68

8 blocks: plastic, blue; in cloth bag.

For use with The Algebra Lab activity binders by Henri Picciotto.

3-dimensional geometric stamps

LRC LT 4440.C526 T5 1987

Set of fifteen rubber stamps shows three dimensional geometric shapes.

Algecan balance kit

LRC LT 4400.C8 A44 1996

Used to model signed numbers and solve equations.

Algebra tiles for the overhead projector by Hilde Howden

LRC LT 4410.C8 A5

Base ten blocks

LRC LT 4400.E25 B37

Includes units, rods, flats, and cubes.

Base ten math materials

LRC LT 4400.C684 B37

Various cubes, rods, flats, and blocks.

Base ten blocks

LRC LT 4400.C684 U74

Billygoat barnyard counters

LRC LT 4430.C684 B55

192 counting pieces; Pieces include cows, horses, pigs, chickens and goats.

Bustletown Square counters

LRC LT 4430.C684 B87

192 counting pieces; Pieces include cars, ducks, boys, girls, and dogs.

Color tiles

LRC LT 4430.E25 C6

Helps students to develop basic arithmetic skills, logical thinking, and algebraic and geometric understanding.

Connecting fraction circles

LRC LT 4430.C8 C66

Marked set of 1/2s, 1/3s, 1/4s, 1/6s and 1/8s with connecting rings. Designed to teach fractions.

Counting frame

LRC LT 4430.S1 C6

Designed to introduce children to the abacus and to teach counting and computing.

Cuisenaire geoboard two-sided geoboard

LRC LT 4440.C8 C84

Designed to aid in the teaching of mathematics and geometry. One side of board has pegs arranged in a circle, the other side arranged in a square. Rubber bands are strung between pegs to form geometric shapes.

Cuisenaire rods for the overhead projector

LRC LT 4400.C8 C8

60 rods.

Cuisenaire snap cubes

LRC LT 4400.C8 C85 1991

1000 cubes.

Dice, numbers 0-100

LRC LT 4400.D45 D53 2000

Dinosaur counters

LRC LT 4430.C684 D56 1989

300 counters. Consists of red, yellow, blue, and green plastic dinosaurs that may be used for counting, sorting, and grouping.

Four-pan algebra balance

LRC LT 4410.C8 F68 1996

Students use the balance to derive the rules for working with signed numbers, solving linear equations, building identities, and modeling systems of linear equations.

Fraction bars

LRC LT 4430.S36 F7

Help students to visualize, describe, and understand fraction concepts, including equality, inequality, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Fraction pattern blocks

LRC LT 4430.E25 F73 1990

The plastic pieces are designed to form various geometrical shapes, that help to teach a specific mathematical skill.

Fraction strips

LRC LT 4430.C8 F73

Contains 1/2s, 1/3s, 1/4s, 1/5s, 1/6s, 1/8s, 1/10s, and 1/12s for teaching fractional relationships.

Geometric volume set

LRC LT 4440.C684 G55

6 models (cone, sphere, cylinder, cube, pyramid, rectangular prism).

Geometric wooden blocks

LRC LT 4440.S1 G5

Lénárt Sphere construction materials for another world of geometry

LRC LT 4440.K56 L56 1996


LRC LT 4430.C684 L5

300 pieces.


LRC LT 4440.C684 M57

A practical aid for discovering and understanding geometric relationships.


LRC LT 4430.D45 M57

Multibase arithmetic blocks

LRC LT 4400.C684 M84

Multilink prisms

LRC LT 4440.E23 M8

Introduces children to basic concepts of mathematics and geometry.

Number balance

LRC LT 4400.C684 N83

Designed to develop familiarity with numbers by comparisons through balance.

Number board

LRC LT 4430.S1 N8

Designed to teach children in primary grades number and counting concepts.

Omnifix cubes

LRC LT 4440.D5718 O5

On their own with blocks & building

LRC LT 4440.C684 O6

Consists of red, green, yellow and blue blocks of various shapes designed to enhance skills in geometry, recognition and creativity.

On their own with patterns & tiles

LRC LT 4440.C684 O65

Consists of fuchsia, green and yellow tiles designed to enhance skills in geomtery and shape recognition.

On their own with shapes & sizes

LRC LT 4440.C684 O67

Consists of red, green, yellow and blue one-dimensional shapes designed to enhance skills in geomtery and shape recognition.

Overhead connecting people

LRC LT 4400.C8 O9

Overhead dice set

LRC LT 4400.C8 O93

Excellent for probability activities and number games.

Overhead number tiles

LRC LT 4400.C8 O95 1980

Pattern blocks

LRC LT 4400.S673 P37

LRC LT4430.E25 P37


LRC LT 4400.D45 P4

Plastic mirrors

LRC LT 4430.C684 P6

Polar coordinate grid

LRC LT 4400.L326 P64

Circular grid with degree markings is meant to be used with an overhead projector.


LRC LT 4440.P535 P6 1980

Designed for use in creating three-dimensional geometric shapes.

Power polygons

LRC LT 4440.C8 P66 1995

Power solids

LRC LT 4440.C8 P68

Contents: Cube, cylinder, prism, hexagonal prism, rectangular prism, large triangular prism, small triangular prism, triangular pyramid, square pyramid, cone, sphere, hemisphere.

Problem solving with polyhedra dice and dice set

LRC LT 4400.C8 P76 1994

Puddleduck lake counters

LRC LT 4430.C684 P8

Rainbow cubes

LRC LT 4430.C684 R3

Rectangular grid

LRC LT 4400.L326 R42

Grid is meant to be used with an overhead projector.


LRC LT 4410.C8 R42 1991

RecTiles is a two-to three-week mathematics unit for middle grades students that integrates geometry, algebra, and number. The plastic squares are designed to be used as templates by the students to make squares and rectangles.

Reflect-it hinged mirror

LRC LT 4440.C8 R38


LRC LT 4440.C684 T36 1980

Puzzle that provides practice in basic geometric concepts, problem-solving, and logical thinking.

Teddy bear counters

LRC LT 4400.C684 T4


LRC LT 4400.C684 T54 1980

Numerals 0-9 to be used with math enrichment activities.

Transparent centimeter grids

LRC LT 4440.C684 T72

Two-color bean counters

LRC LT 4430.I3 T8 1998

500 counters.

Unifix cubes for the overhead projector

LRC LT 4430.C684 U74

Unifix 100 interlocking counting cubes

LRC LT 4430.D5718 U5

Volume relationship set

LRC LT 4440.I3 V6 1992


Attachment weight set metric

LRC LT 4460.O556 T7 a

Consists of two 1000 gram weights and one 500 gram weight.

Bow calipers

LRC LT 4440.E7182 B6 1975

Celsius thermometer

LRC LT 4460.A38 C44

Centimeter/gram cubes

LRC LT 4460.D45 C46

1000 cubes. Each linking cube weighs 1 gram and measures 1x1x1 cm. to provide students with opportunities to learn measuring and weighing.

Clear plastic geometric volume set

LRC LT 4440.E45 C43 1988

6 models (cone, sphere, cylinder, cube, pyramid, rectangular prism).

Dry measure set

LRC LT 4460.C684 D79

Elementary student mass set

LRC LT 4460.O556 E53

8 brass gram measures. For measurement activities involving accuracy and mass comparison.

Gramstackers 49 color-coded stacking gram masses

LRC LT 4460.C6846 G7

Liter volume set

LRC LT 4460.I8 L5


LRC LT 4460.W66 M4

Metric graduated cylinders set

LRC LT 4460.A34 M4

6 cylinders.

Metric ruler

LRC LT 4460.D45 M4

Metric spoon set

LRC LT 4460.C684 M46

Metric sticks

LRC LT 4460.C684 M47

Multi-shape liter set

LRC LT 4460.D45 V64

Pan balance scale

LRC LT 5000.H33 P3

Primary balance

LRC LT 4440.C684 P6 1994

Primer balance

LRC LT 4460.O556 P7

Stacking mass set

LRC LT 4460.O556 S7 1980

LRC LT 4460.O556 S72 1980

Standard mass set

LRC LT 4440.C8 S83


LRC LT 5200.D45 T4

Triple beam balance

LRC LT 4460.O556 T7

Trundle wheel

LRC LT 4460.I8 T7

Volume learning center

LRC LT 4460.D45 V64


Breakfast food

LRC LT 3640.M326 B74

An 8-piece set of authentically textured and colored soft vinyl breakfast foods.

Chef's choices

LRC LT 3640.C6837 C45

A 12-piece set of authentically textured and colored soft vinyl foods.

Delicious desserts

LRC LT 3640.C6837 D44

A 32-piece set of authentically textured and colored soft vinyl foods.

Dinner food set 1

LRC LT 3640.M326 D56

A 6-piece set of authentically textured and colored soft vinyl dinner foods.

Dinner food set 2

LRC LT 3640.M326 D562

An 8-piece set of authentically textured and colored soft vinyl dinner foods.

Food Combination set

LRC LT 3640.C6837 C65

15-piece set of authentically textured and colored soft vinyl foods.

Fruits and vegetables

LRC LT 3640.A535 F7

Artificial fruits and vegetables designed to develop cognitive and language skills.

How much fat? special edition, appetizers.

LRC LT 3640.Y7 H68 2001

International breads

LRC LT 3640.C6837 I57 1993

15 bread models.

Lunch food set

LRC LT 3640.M326 L86

7-piece set of authentically textured and colored soft vinyl luncheon foods.

Make a sandwich

LRC LT 3640.C6837 M34 1995

Children can fix 3 classic sandwiches.

Mini play food set

LRC LT 3640.C6837 M55

A 37-piece set of authentically textured and colored soft vinyl luncheon foods.

World food set

LRC LT 3640.C6837 W67

A 53-piece set of authentically textured and colored soft vinyl luncheon foods. Includes Asian, Chinese, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, and Japanese foods.


Academic microscopes

LRC LT 5000.C286 A3

6 microscopes + 6 instruction manuals.

Power microscope

LRC LT 5000.T27 T3

Musical Instruments

Bass xylophone

LRC LT 4530.S85 B3

Burkina rattle

LRC LT 4530.C6837 B87

Authentic music-maker from West Africa.

Cocoa bean rattles

LRC LT 4530.C6837 C62

Authentic music-maker from Nigeria.

Dance bells

LRC LT 4530.C6837 D36

Authentic music-maker used by American Indians.

Diatonic alto xylophone

LRC LT 4530.L9 X9

Frog drums

LRC LT 4530.M323 F76 2001

Ancient Vietnamese percussion instruments.


LRC LT 4530.C6837 G84

Authentic music-maker from Latin America.

Individual resonator bells with note names chromatic

LRC LT 4530.S74 R4

Musical rainstick

LRC LT 4530.C6837 M87 1994

Authentic music-maker from Chile.

New rhythm band method

LRC LT 4510.M57 N5

Various instruments.

Resonator bell set

LRC LT 4530.D586 R4

25 chromatic tone bells.

Spin drum

LRC LT 4530.C6837 S64

Authentic music-maker from Kenya.

Stick drum

LRC LT 4530.C6837 S84

Authentic music-maker from Nigeria.

Stirring xylophone

LRC LT 4530.M323 S75 2001

Talking drum

LRC LT 4530.C6837 T34

Authentic music-maker from Africa.

Tarahumara Indian drum

LRC LT 4530.C6837 T37

Authentic music-maker from Mexico.

Tarahumara Shamon rattle

LRC LT 4530.C6837 T38

Authentic music-maker from Mexico.

Tone bell set

LRC LT 4530.S85 T7

Wood maracas

LRC LT 4530.C6837 W66

Authentic music-maker from Central America.

Science Models and Manipulatives--Various

The elementary planetarium

LRC LT 5230.T836 E5

Demonstrates the relationships of the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Earth and their positions and movement throughout the year.

Energy model consultant

LRC LT 5270.H75 E5 1995

English weather board

LRC LT 5290.I8 E7

Giant prism

LRC LT 5280.W62 E9 1992


LRC LT 5000.D45 M3

The Orbiter planetariums

LRC LT 5230.H76 O7


LRC LT 5400.E45 P4

Pocket compass

LRC LT 5000.T29 P6

Switch on! innovative electronic building blocks

LRC LT 5250.S86 S84 1995

Electronic circuit activity set.

Simple Machines

Inclined plane

LRC LT 5500.E45 I7


LRC LT 5500.E45 P8

Triple tandem pulley

LRC LT 5500.F659 T7


Clock dials

LRC LT 3600.C684 C6

The learning clock

LRC LT 3600.L364 L4

Small plastic clock

LRC LT 4790.T5 S6 1977

Student clock faces

LRC LT 3600.C684 C65

Tocker timers

LRC LT 3600.O75 T6 1970

Demonstrates visually 5, 10, 15, and 20 second time intervals.

Various Models and Manipulatives


LRC LT 4400.C8 C52


LRC LT 3600.S1 D48

Designed to teach the manual dexterity and motor skills necessary for children to dress themselves.


LRC LT 5400.T485 D6 1990

1/4 inch hardwood dowels can be used in a variety of construction projects.

Gear train

LRC LT 5400.E45 G4

1 gear model with 3 interlocking gears.

Giant dental care model

LRC LT 4790.C6837 G52

Demonstrate the proper method of brushing with the 14" long toothbrush.

Great shapes motor and perceptual skills

LRC LT 4790.T5 G7 1974

9 floor shapes designed to provide gross-motor experiences related to perceptual and cognitive skill development.

K'NEX education super set

LRC LT 5300.C624 K5 1995

K'NEX the color-coded construction set.

Basic set

LRC LT 5300.C624 K6 1995

Play money

LRC LT 3630.C684 P6


LRC LT 3380.A61 R6

Hardwood base with multi-colored beads of different sizes and shapes that can be moved along multi-colored wire paths. Excellent for developing motor skills and visual perception. Shape beanbags

LRC LT 4790.T5 S5

Snap 'n play

LRC LT 4110.M326 B5

Blocks (65 pieces).

Story blocks

LRC LT 4715.R53 S76

Set consists of 20 hardwood blocks with 40 images. Each block has a picture and a phrase on each side. Arrange the blocks to form thousands of different stories.

Tuning forks

LRC LT 4500.S3447 T8 8 tuning forks.

Wooden circles

LRC LT 4790.S1 W7

Contains 5 circles (with handles) of various sizes and colors which are to be fit in the appropriate depressions of the master circle.

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