ULAC Overview

2002-present: University Library Advisory Committee (ULAC)

The successful work of the LMBAC led Provost Redding to create an ongoing group, the ULAC, to carry on the work of the LMBAC. The communications and advising role have been expanded to cover the wide range of the Library's operations. Library acquisitions remain a major focus.

Members serve overlapping three year terms (members for 2002/2003 will be appointed to one, two, and three year terms). As with the LMBAC, members are selected by Deans, the Faculty Senate, and the Student Government Association and appointed by the Provost.

2003/2004 was a year of transition for the University with the resignation of Provost Redding and the appointment of a new Provost, Gail Wells. During this period, members to replace those cycling off of the committee were not appointed and the committee did not meet.

New committee members were appointed in mid-2004/2005. The committee met in April 2005 to discuss the state of the library materials budget and to review the allocation formula.

2001-2002: Library Materials Budget Advisory Committee (LMBAC)

The LMBAC was formed in the Fall of 2001. A member was nominated by each dean, two were selected by the Faculty Senate, and a member was solicited from the Student Government Association. Members were appointed for a term of one year by Provost Redding. In addition, Steely Library's Head of Technical Services served on the group in an ex officio capacity. The committee was chaired by the Associate Provost for Library Services.

The LMBAC's stated purpose was to provide feedback and input regarding departmental library materials allocations and to act as a communications conduit between the Library administration and the teaching faculty. The primary focus was on library acquisitions.

The committee's initial project was to devise and recommend a method for allocating library material funds based on quantifiable criteria (an allocation formula). A subcommittee was formed and a proposed formula was presented to the group as a whole. The formula was officially accepted by the committee and was adopted by Steely Library in the spring of 2002. The formula was used to allocate non-serials funds to departments for the 2002/2003 fiscal year.

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