2013-09-27 Meeting Minutes

ULAC Meeting

September 27, 2013
2:00 pm - Steely Library – Room 510

Present:  Arne Almquist, Threasa Wesley, Carol Furnish, Katherine Kurk, Sam Goh, K.C. Russell, Karen Leek – Sandi Webster, recording secretary

Not Present: Vicki Berling, Jaesook Gilbert, Greg Martin

Special Guest:  Lois Hamill, University Archivist and Associate Professor, Steely Library


Arne opened the meeting with a welcome to a new fiscal year - introductions were made around the table on behalf of Lois Hamill.

  • Arne showed a PowerPoint re: the State of the Library from the 2013 SL Convocation (will be placed on the website with the minutes from this meeting).

  • We received $100,000 in new money which will help cover inflation costs and increase collections.

  • ILL/SourceFinder: We’re seeing fewer requests due to the increase in electronic journal subscriptions. Sam asked if the dollar limit for individuals stayed the same or changed? – Arne will defer to Lois Schultz.

  • Facility – the new President is very supportive of upgrading the physical library and has provided $60,000 toward renovation – we have a committee researching the best use of these funds.  Architecture and Planning reviewed all our requests and this $60,000 is a tiny portion of the funds required to make all the necessary improvements.  In the past budget proposal, we requested the initiation of a library fee to increase our collection and improve furniture, lighting, etc. and were denied.  This $60,000 is a step in the right direction toward our needs.

Carol Furnish asked how Steely Library is approaching the electrical problem (they are experiencing issues in their building).  Arne said we have added electrical strips but we have finite capacity and, after a point, in order to add additional power, we would need another circuit. Once the strategic plan is in place, we will review our building uses and needs and reconfigure as required.

  • We have also received additional funds for extended hours – open until 2:00 am - this is a test year and we will track and report usage.

  • EBSCOhost Discovery is in place, operating and available.

  • IPAC now has its own website.  The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office sent a letter stating that we have been accepted as the second official Patent & Trademark Center in Kentucky (Louisville is the other).  We pay for copyright through the library.

Arne showed everyone the cover of the upcoming Fall 2013 issue of Annotations featuring a Matt Kish artwork.

  • Lois Hamill did her presentation which included:
    • “In with the New” is the current exhibit in the Archives – some items not processed yet but when they are, will be available for research.

    • In 2007, we had the portrait of Frank Duveneck’s Mother but have since collected and found artwork by one of Duveneck’s students – McLaughlin (see his works on display now).  We also received McLaughlin papers which can be used for more in-depth research – his daughter’s college scrapbook is part of this collection.

    • African-American History – Della Jones’ collection of documents, church records, photos, etc. (circulated some of the pieces for viewing) – Ted Harris, NKU ‘72 grad, has recently donated his research papers, is referring researchers to us, and gave $1,000 to help process/store materials.

    • Matt Kish – he is a librarian/artist who got “hooked” on Moby Dick – coordinated a visit to NKU with Bob Wallace and Kish donated an original piece he did live in the Digitorium - in addition, we received several of his other original pieces (Lois circulated the book and some of the originals for viewing).

    • Claire Illouz – The Whiteness is also in the Archives, in addition to other works donated by Bob Wallace.

    • Beverly Hills Supper Club, Newport Syndicate, and other topics/collections are also being processed and expanded.

Other Business –

  • Kathy Kurk asked who is responsible for the Regents Professors Wall – Milburn has great signage and now that the Regents award has been reactivated/re-established can we consider possible relocation or better signage to make it more distinctive?  Arne explained that, in the past, those photos were property/managed by the Provost – we recently updated after Arts & Sciences talked with Milburn and she donated funding to update – Arne will talk to the Provost to see if we can possibly upgrade the signage and improve the appearance.

  • KC Russell asked about audio books and their several forms of delivery, more specifically, MP3 players, and if the library is taking a new stance since CD’s are becoming unavailable.  Arne said that, due to limited budget, we haven’t really pushed these at this point, as they are still considered convenience items.  He suggested KC visit the Project Gutenburg site.  Threasa added that there has been more interest and discussion in eBooks (non-fiction) and the KY public library systems have good resources in this area which we try to help promote.  Arne said this also represents a large shift to virtual music, etc.

  • Arne distributed Books by the Banks catalogs and bookmarks and invited everyone to attend on October 5th.

There being no further business, meeting adjourned.


Steely Library phone number:  859.572.5457