2012-10-05 Meeting Minutes

October 5, 2012

ULAC Meeting
2:00 pm - Steely Library – Room 510

Present: Carol Furnish, Sam Goh, Vicki Berling, Kathy Kurk, Karen Leek

Not Present: Greg Martin, Jaesook Gilbert, KC Russell, Threasa Wesley

Introductions and Welcome – Arne Almquist

Updates and Announcements

Arne distributed information re: Books by the Banks and the Paul Sawyier exhibit and gave a brief overview of each. He encouraged attendance at BBTB. He also distributed the new FoSL Brochure and explained how we have upgraded our identity/new design family to "steely.".

Arne gave a PowerPoint Presentation re: the annual state of the Library (see attached) which touched upon:

  • Budget
  • Collections
    Kathy Kurk asked about purchasing or acquiring books that we are disposing.
  • Enhancements
  • Instructional Programs
  • Cultural Programming
    1. The Paul Sawyier exhibit is a major regional event. Thanks to Regent Nathan Smith for his work on this – a lecture/reception is in the works in conjunction with the exhibit – TBA.<.li>
    2. Maureen Morehead was here on 9/25 for a reading and book sale/signing - hosted by FoSL/English.
    3. IPAC now available – John Schlipp is also working with community groups re: intellectual property issues. Kathy Kurk asked if John Schlipp could come to their department to talk about copyright – Arne asked her to send an email request.
    4. The new Grants Center is doing well.


Sam Goh – asked about eReaders – the eBook package we use is compatible with Kindle.

Karen Leek asked about multiple eBook users at the same time. We have over 37,000 eBooks available now. Some use a "check-out" system. Others allow multiple simultaneous access.

There being no further business, meeting adjourned – Arne conducted a mini tour of the Sawyier exhibit, the renovated Loggia area and the self-check station.

Steely Library phone number:  859.572.5457