2009-09-25 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Presentations

September 25, 2009

Steely Library – Room 510

Arne Almquist, Lois Schultz, K.C. Russell, Tom Heard, Teuta Cata, Katherine Kurk
Not Present:
Lane Clarke, Greg Martin, Vicki Culbreth
Updates and Announcements:

Arne opened the meeting with a welcome to Teuta Cata followed by introductions around the table.

The Agenda for the meeting was distributed.

Arne mentioned that we have several upcoming events and invited everyone to attend the following:

  • Duveneck Unveiling/October 24th – The portrait of Mrs. Duveneck, which was recently restored, will be unveiled. Other Duveneck works on loan from the Kenton County Public Library and private collectors, in addition to work by Dixie Seldon will be on display thru November.
  • The Northern Kentucky Encyclopedia Debut/November 6th – We will be hosting 200-300 contributing authors, placed throughout the library signing books. A portion of all sales will go to the Friends of Steely Library.

Arne distributed copies of a pictorial history of NKU book by Jennifer Gregory, our former Archivist.

Arne presented the 2009 department allocations recap summary via PowerPoint which will be placed on the website for review. There are 3 ways to make a request; 1. Use SourceFinder, 2. Contact your liaison, or 3. Make a “user suggestion” on the website (the list of liaisons is on the website).

Lois Schultz showed a PowerPoint presentation re: SourceFinder (ILL and InfoBrokerage combined services) as well as the comparison stats from 2003 to present (these slides will be made available on the website). There was conversation about comparisons between requests by faculty and staff as well as undergrad and graduate student vs. faculty. Lois indicated our biggest struggle when pulling statistics is making three systems “talk” to each other. Sheri Meyers can provide more detail on how this is accomplished.

Arne showed PowerPoint charts from the LibQUAL and Marketing class focus group preliminary results. We had 10 faculty, 10 graduate and 10 undergrad students participate in the focus groups. It was suggested that this information be shared with the directors of graduate studies. A Marketing Work Team has been created to better address and communicate the services we offer to faculty, staff and students (i.e. online resources as well as online chats, etc.). We currently have two teams assessing the information and will have official results and suggestions when they have submitted their findings. We are also preparing for another round of focus groups. The next LibQUAL is scheduled for 2012.

Arne talked about the Bridging the Gap $1 M degree program and showed a PowerPoint. This degree program is being offered by Library Staff and the College of Informatics and will address the economic education status of the poorest parts of the state and impact the quality of students coming to us in the future. 30% of library directors in Kentucky lack any degree at all. We need to have degreed public library directors so they can better assist their communities and regions. We had our first students start the program this Fall semester.

Arne reminded the committee that this group is a two way information transfer medium. Greg Martin is currently on the Council of Chairs, KC Russell is on Faculty Senate, and the other members represent various departments and colleges. Ask your constituency if there are any issues to bring forth for next meeting.

Katherine Kurk suggested a meeting of Library representatives and liaisons. We will poll people and find a convenient time for all parties.

Lois Schultz discussed the faculty alcove on the 3rd floor (where the outstanding professor photos are hanging). This area now houses books that faculty have written/edited, etc. As long as the individual is listed on the title page or cover, it qualifies for the display. Please ask around to see if there are items to add to our collection.

KC Russell mentioned that he was receiving negative feedback re: RefWorks (i.e. the learning curve is quite difficult; faculty members avoid using it; there are too many “plug in” related issues, etc.). Arne asked if KC would provide specifics so issues could be addressed and said we would research internal library feedback as well.

The next meeting is scheduled for December 11th.

There being no further business, meeting adjourned.

Steely Library phone number:  859.572.5457