Social Justice Home & Abroad: Social Justice Creativity Competition 2010

14. Silenced

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Briana Arnold

Poster Inkjet Print

Social justice begins with political and civil freedom. In our country, we have begun to take our freedom for granted, forgetting the fact that not everyone in the world shares in our freedom. Freedom House, an organization that addresses global freedom and assesses it annually, reported that in 2009, only 46% of the global population lives in a state of Freedom. 1.4 Billion people live in Partly Free countries and 2.3 Billion live in Not Free countries. This means that over half the world’s population, or 3.7 Billion people, do not live as we do.

Americans need to realize that what is a right has become a privilege. Being totally free in our country puts us into a minority category of free citizens. We need to be aware of this fact and fight to bring our freedom to those who do not have the privilege to live as such. We need to give a voice to the voiceless…to those whose voices have been stripped away.






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